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Saturday, September 10, 2011

This raya i was eager waiting for Open House Invitation. But when i didnt received any (sakit jiwa okeh!) i'm started to call frens and tell them i will come for Raya. Please percaya pregnant mommies can do anything. So my Raya start with Elna's mom house in Shah Alam

It's been like forever since last time i met her, i really tot that was in 1993 but Elna told me

'laa yg aku jumpa korg kt Alamanda tu ape bendenye.. time tu korg belum kawin..' 

okek she has a great ingatan. She even the smartest girl in our group way back in secondary school. She's now living in Perth and only Allah knows dia buat ape kt situ but i'm sure sumenye kerana Allah. 

Tengkiu Elna for having us. We had great time & i know u did :D
 Elna & Me

Then we off to Jaja's house at Bandar Botanic Klang. After spending like hours i totally forgot to take photos. Mencik. When the food are so marbeles, i dont bother the camera lah ofkos!

The plan sukses for the day but Papi asked me whether i wanted to singgah at Thu's place in PJ as i promised her earlier. After simple direction from Adik we arrived at the destination. Thu's was awesome!! apetaknye after Sami took shower, she gave Sami's myra Ipad to play so that we can gossiping without interruption haha. Too bad Myra wasnt there. 

Ini pompan so hot in the market now! haha

The next day Papi still on leave and we had appointment at Wadie's and spend half days kat sana. Papi even break his fast kat situ sbb tak abis2 borak. Is, Wadie's hubby as usual konon balik from opis to teman us for lunch end up terus lepak kat umah. 

discussing with homemade kuih Raya. No lah, bukan Wadie buat. Her mom la sapa lagik! she said her mom makes like 30+ jenis kuih raya. Huyuh raya sakan ye auntie.. hehe

 can u see the glass door? exactly the same with our Rumah Idaman but why look really nice at her place? cess

Pening makcik nk layan

Tuan Rumah 

And today we got invitation from Ain (finally) haha at Seri Maya Condo as she or her husband (when we arrived her husband tgh bz cooking besh gile okeh) makes Mee Udang yg super delicious for lunch. She only invite us & 2 frens. as usual borak2 and bile nk balik baru ingat nk amik gambo. cit

Ain, Me & Sara (her bakal biras) 
darah manis sgt tuh next week nk nikah huhu
cute babies Arman & Asha. Sami? tak payah anti kamera tuh. Turn out Sara & Apai (adik ipar Ain) are exMCC which is Papi's junior. hak elen.. pusing2.. menci tau

So we ended the day with..

'okeh fesbuk.. fesbuk..' 

Tengkiu for Inviting guyss..

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