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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Yes, I know. What the heck. No updates for almost a year (exaggerate) suddenly blog review? What makes you think you have enough and legit info to write a non bias review? I can assure you that all my info are legit and sah semata. Tiada yang lebih sah dari kata-kata Kakak Santek.

OK. I'm going to take this bloody hell opportunity of updating an entry to write about the blog's owner that I loveeessss and admire so much.

I call him Ren or Janggel. I barely remember, ok tipu. to be frank I cannot remember how, when and from where I got to know about him. Biqque? Kak Coco? Na? tak ingat but suddenly I have joined almost all gathering and bitching session with him. walaweii.. Blogger sohor tuu ajak aku lepak and know what, he even help me not once, not twice but many times in food prep for all parties and potlucking... ko ade? aku lempang sapa yang sebut ko ade ko ade depan aku.

At first when we read thru his blog, his most obvious story line would be about how cool how best la konon the nature and how we should be an environmental friendly hehe.. but when you got to know him better, he is a very cool person, kuat makan, ringan tulang and he always has something to say or comment (versi lain he's a bitching session buddy).

Love travel his middle name, of course all Travelholics get the same middle name. Except Kakak Santek, middle name Kakak Santek is Kakak Santek. You can get as accurate & details info all about places he go siap gambar yang menariks. Okeh can you guys tutup mata telinga when I say he got the best pics? Idak ke entry ini entry sanjung? :P

You name it you get it.

Nak pegi mana? Dalam Negara ? Luar Negara? semua tempat dia jejak semua info boleh dapat. Tapi tempat yang dia jejak aje lah, if dia tak pegi ko jangan la tanya, ko ingat dia google counter ke? Kadang org cakap, elehh pegi sana sini, Mekah pon tak jejak. Hah ini budak Janggel, Mekah pon dah sampai!

Just I don't really like one thing about him, he's a half blood Java and he always buat dosa when balik kampong coz he always post a very good food pics, how you knoe the food is good? xpenah rasa pon? he made the pics look so nice and your saliva will not continue dripping until you delete the pics. Thank you sangat okeh sebab suka nak Watsapp gambo2 tuh! Selagi tak bawak balik bungkus kat Kakak Santek, selagi tu la ko berdosa!

I'm not gonna write about the places that he went. Tak kose, baca la blog dia sendiri sebab baik la i update my travel entry haha.. eventhou we has slow down this 2 years, very slow almost stop but we still went to nice places this year. Maybe next time, Tonite i wanna talk about Janggel aje.

Oh yea, i think he has a secret admire or maybe i can say stalker? i don't know, orang bujang kalu ade peminat tak salah. He's single and i think available? please send your application to Mak Esah if you interested. Recently he went to Japan and has started to updates about the journey. Please do visit this blogger yang penah menang Award, ko dengar tu, menang Award hokeh! hihi lucu pulak rasenye.

And do drop him a comment, he definitely will appreciate all the comments.. errmmm i did browse through tonite and even read other TA's enty.. ermmm memasing ada peminat dah ekk...

Okeh. Sila la baca blog Ren aka Janggel, especially if you need to find info about travel, places, good food and relax your eyes with good pictures. You can also send him afriend request : FB Page Shahrin Mansur (Ren). Hint: pasni Kakak Santek nak entry penuh muka Kakak Santek hokeh!



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