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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Last visit was our 10th checkup and know what, i'm already in 35 weeks. huhuu the besh part sami boy punye berat dh naik! yeay! now he's 2.2kg. the tak besh part mami pon naik jugakk to 65.8kg ya ampunnn beratnye.

AND another xbesh part, dokter suh bed rest for this week coz my amniotic fluid xcukup. ape tu? air ketuban. kesian sami boy. kalu xcukup meaning dia xdek kusyen sgt. dekat sgt dgn lapisan perut. end up dia bleh stresss. so dokter kata suh byk rehat coz nothing we can do and nk tgk this friday. If still xok; dokter nk induce! ala

my condition:

If you are diagnosed with oligohydramnios, it is important that youcontinue to eat well, drink lots of fluids (water is best), rest as much aspossible, avoid smoking and report any signs of preterm labor to yourhealth care provider right away.

How is oligohydramnios treated?
Women with otherwise normal pregnancies who develop oligohydramnios nearterm probably need no treatment, and their babies are likely to be bornhealthy (2). They do, however, require close surveillance. Their healthcare provider will probably recommend weekly (or more frequent) ultrasoundexaminations to see if the level of amniotic fluid is decreasing to adangerous point. If the level of amniotic fluid becomes inadequate, theprovider may recommend inducing labor early to help prevent complicationsduring labor and delivery. Nearly half the cases of oligohydramnios resolvethemselves without treatment (4).

Besides frequent ultrasound examinations to measure the level of amnioticfluid, providers may recommend tests of fetal well-being, such as thenonstress test, which measures fetal heart rate. If tests show that thebaby is having difficulties, the provider may recommend early delivery tohelp prevent serious problems.

A fetus with poor growth whose mother has oligohydramnios is at high riskfor complications, such as asphyxia (lack of oxygen), before and duringbirth. Mothers of these babies are monitored very closely. They sometimesneed to be hospitalized.

If a woman has severe oligohydramnios near the time of delivery, herprovider may suggest infusing salty water (saline solution) through thecervix into the uterus. This treatment, called amnioinfusion, may helpreduce complications during labor and delivery and reduce the need forcesarean section. Some studies suggest that women with oligohydramnios canhelp increase their levels of amniotic fluid by drinking extra water (3).Also, many providers recommend decreasing physical activity or bed rest.

mintak2 xdek ape la or else mmg jumpa sami awal la hihihihi. byk kesian kat papi sbb dia yg over gelabah and muka risau dia sungguh kelakar skalik. ye la. muka dia risau sebijik time dia xdpt kawin dulu.. hihihihihi..

Friday, January 25, 2008

Know who? Yes. My papi is a homophobic. hehehhehehe. for him this homo (gay) peps are not interesting at all. Me? i'm an ignorance but when it comes to vote for something, i wont vote for this type of group.

Beside despise this kind of peps, papi has experienced (worst for him) as he alwiz kena kacau from gay peps aka bapok or nyah. Ala.. kacau tu was like.. "hi.. nak kemana?" or this gay pep suddenly "cuit him kat bahu.. awww" for me? kahkahkahkahkah! it's quite funny when you see papi geli geleman n try to run away from them. No. he will not insult this kind of peps. eventho kena kacau papi will try to lari n avoid them. Besenye buat tak tau but this kind of kacau experienced can haunt him (as he alwiz try to forget it and dont want to talk about it)

yesterday, on the way back i called kak ma thru papi's mobile. i noticed that papi saved kak ma's number wrongly as he puts 8 digits instead of 7. as i already start calling i mentioned to him that he got extra no and quickly change it. the number for example : 012 2228 2228 and i dialed back to 012 222 2228 which is the rite one. Bla bla bla gayut with kak ma (my sis in law) asked her about kambing price actually hihihihihihi. (it's around 6pm)

Later once we got home, we were hepili lepak with Elly and watching American Idol, papi received a call and before he picked up he ask me whether i dialed the number before which is 012 2228 222, i didnt response as i was enjoying myself laughing at the reject at the american idol hihihihi.. then i heard

"sorry ye, salah no." "ye ye saya silap dial, salah no"

then papi screaming "yuckkk!!! hiiiiii babyyyy!!!!!! bapok laaa!!!!"

kahkahkahkahkahkah ropenye.. eventho the number i dialed before was more than 7 digits, they still dialing and direct the call to the nearest no which is 012 2228 222 (buang no 8 kat ujung).. huhuhuhuhu and wat a day, no tu no bapokkk kahkahkahkahkah

i asked papi wat 'he' says as papi nk letak phone pon susah. that bapok asked him with 'slang'
"hello... ermm u ade call no nih ke????" "ermm ade tadi... u nak ckp dgn siapa???" (ok used you own imagination how its sound)

kahkahkahkahkahkah.. for me is lucu. for papi? dia geli geleman for half an hour. siap "baby.. u kol balik.. ckp.. u wife i" kahkahkahkahkah patu.. "baby, kalau dia kol, u angkat tau".. kesian my papi. when i asked him to cerita balik he said "tak nakkkk, i nak hilangkan suara tu dari kepala i" ahkahkahkahkah

After that, around 7pm papi received 2 msg and i joked "ha... dia sms u la tuuu" sekali tu betol!!!! the berusaha tangga kejayaan msg:

"u ada kol i pukul 5.50pm tadi ke?"

"nama u sape?"

kahkahkhakhakhakah.. lawak laaaa tu dh mcm nk tackle dh tuuu.. as papi looking tension i just asked im to forget about it and delete the msg. even actually papi saved the number and put it "bapok, jgn angkat" hihihihihi..

bapak lawak ok. for me, this kind of sms or kacau thingy bukan bapok aje. sapa2 yg phone freak mmg suka buat mcm nih. Kesian my papi.

and know what, this morning on the way to the office, papi dgn muka agak tensi

" u tau tak b, bapok tu sms i pukul 3am tnya - u dah tido ke.?"


"yg tension nye i tersedar plak tu!!!! hiiiiiiiii" adu papi


Monday, January 14, 2008

Bandung Hero

Hah! Kesampaian jugak ke Bandung ya?
Ok. It was a great great great long holiday. Ape taknye right after Hari Raya Korban. Papi & me packed to Bandung. Hectic? Of course; as we nearly miss our flight (thank you to Jimmy the cab driver yg bwk sungguh cekap dgn ucapan "kalau akak tak mengandung saya bwk lagik laju kak")

We had our breakfast in LLCT and board in time. Papi? excited. Me? Nerves. Heheheh ye la sammy boy xabis2 kicking. But once take off rasenye papi yg takut hehehhehe. We arrived around 10.30am (Bandung local time) and ya allahhh buruknye airport dia!!!. Airport Kuching yg belum renovate pon 80kali ganda santekk hehhehe nak buat cemana small aiport.

Kuar aje dr arrival hall tu.. "yo bro! hasrul!!" we heard somebody shouting and off course it was Heru aka Heru Wicaksono; papi childhood bestfrennn. Heru I can categorize him hensem; tall, very fair chinesse look, sweet and off course dia mmg nampak kaya (memandangkan dia mmg kaya hehehhehe). Heru came with Meli aka Melly Muliasari – his 5months girlfren that he want to marry in about a year.

Terus2an kitorg pg ke kereta and all the way Heru & Papi cant stop talking (xpasti psl ape yg pasti in English with American slang). (Time tu aku pandang meli; meli pandang aku.. & kitorg bedua tau perasaan masing2 yg mcm nk lempang dorg kahkahkahkah).

Tangkuban Perahu
Yeah. First day in Bandung (Monday 24th). Heru and Meli took us straight tu Tangkuban Perahu as his first question: "OK guys, where you wanna go? Do?" and papi answer "elly wanted to go to Tangkuban Perahu and off course she wants to shop. Other than that anywhere"
"ok we go to Tangkuban Perahu; do you guys want to eat first? Have u guys taken any breakfast? Elly what do you want to shop? Have u been to Jakarta? We can go to Jakarta if u want. Or should we go check in first?"
Shut up Heru (dlm hati aku heheehhe) patu..
"hold on ya" (Heru and Meli makes phone calls – asking their frens wheres Tangkuban Perahu. Boleh? Kahkahkahkahkah) actually kalu kitorg xdtg Bandung diorg pon xjln2 kt tmpt2 mcm nih.. huishhh
We arrived at Tangkuban Perahu around 1pm (huyuh lamanye); ye la ngan trafik nye lagik; ngan carik atm lagik; ngan isi minyak lagik (ok minyak kt sana mahal nk mampos bab govern xbg subsidi mcm kt sini). Tangkuban Perahu nih sbrnye active volcano. Masuk tmpt tu kena bayo. 'Brapa Pak?" "4 org ya? 58 ribu bagi 50 ribu saja mas" huuyyuh siap leh bagi diskaun tuuu kahkahkahkahkah. Tinggi & sejuk tmptnye. Santek? Yes santek sgt. Sejuk? Yes sejuk lelagik time smpai tu ujan renyai2. Busuk? Mmg la sbb bau sulfur yg kuat. Lapar? Mmg kitorg lapar sbb dh tghari so xlama kt atas tu.. amik2 gambo patu blah.

Kampung Daun
Heru took us to Kampung Daun. Kire satu tmpt pelacongan la. Tmpt mkn atas bukit aka gunung jugak. Nak pg situ aje kire dekat 2jam bab patah blk patu naik bukit balik. Pemandangan tsgt la santeknye. Kiri kanan nursery. Makin dekat ade rumah yg santekk2 Heru kata vacation home ewahhh kaya nk mampos nye la tuan2 punye rumah nih. Restaurant Kampung Daun nih leh tahan harganye. Bagi aku bese aje la. Harga mcm kt KL. Tmpt mkn dia fuiyooo ala2 tupai2 & nailis tapi 800 kali ganda hebak la..sbb sume ala2 private chalet, siap kena pukul gong nk panggil pelayan hehhehe, patu rata2 pelacong nye Malaysian hehehheh. Kitorg mkn 4 org dlm 300 rupiah gitu. Plus minus rm100. food nye not bad lelagik bab kitorg lapo nk mampos. paling surprise kt sana toiletnye la.. wahhh tersgt la hotel class & air sejuk nak mampos. confirm dorg pump air gunung hehhehe.

Bumi Sawunggaling Hotel
Bleh tak smpai hotel kul 6 lebeh gitu hehehheh. After check in Heru let us relaxs first and asked us to call him around 9 ke.. coz he wanna take us to dinner and karaoke. Boleh? Hihihihi. Tapiii once we check in I booked for traditional massage & spa package. We finished at 10 gitu and ape kitorg tau pastu.. kitorg t smpai pagi.. hehehehe beshnye!!
On Tuesday we start our day with breakfast pagi2.. ewahhh n sambung spa package!!! Buat facial massage la.. kahkahkahkahkah.. papi pon sonok. Ape tak nye org dok urut2 murah pulak tuuu. After that we r having problem calling Heru as papi cant reach him. Aku lagik la.. lupe cemana nk call bile roaming. Last2 ade phone call
"bapak Heru on the line" kahkahkahkah Heru yg kol kitorg. Actually we never tot that Heru will entertain us everyday. Nih dia kol; tnya nk pegi mana and ckp last nite he waited our phone call but understand that we might be tired to go out. Huyuh heru nih xkeje ke??? Patu rope2nye dia dr pagi pusing2 Bandung ngan meli tunggu kitorg call. Baiknye la hati dorg nih.

Factory Outlets
Today is the shopping day! Yeay!. Memula Heru bwk g Sundanesse restaurant. Wow se gak menunye. Harga nye pon rate2 KL la. The reason Heru took us to these kind of restaurant sbb.. sbb aku la hehehehhe aku mana la leh mkn suka suki. Sumpah kt sana aku xlapo langsung. Mausk restaurant baru la mkn.. kalu idak.. makaseh la makcik xselera hihihihih. Sorry to say. As I've been to Indon before so I always rate Indon as kotor sket la tmpt nye. So bila time mkn nih.. xselera la kalu nk tepi2 jln. Mmg dh warn papi to budget makan rate2 KL hehehhehe.
After lunch; we went to factory outlets, xbyk bli coz sume mcm fake and lastly Heru brought us to Rumah Mode. On of the famous factory outlet in Bandung. Rumah Mode? Ok papi yg shopping gila2 smpai I know he feel guilty coz dia xabis2 "B pilih la ape2 u suka" kahkahkahkahkah. Rumah Mode was the best!. All reject branded item sume ade kt sini and sumenye santek2 belaka. Ape yg kitorg beli; ala.. cm bese la.. baju yg murah2 and tidak lupe juga baju baby.

Patuu Heru bwk pegi one shopping mall – they claim the biggest mall in Bandung. Ok la besa la.. beso sket dr IOI mall. Heehehehhe. Tapii kedai2 dlm dia hebak2 mcm klcc la., Paling xtahan 9west sale!! Ntah napa la time tu aku xdek mood ngan kasut (memandang kan<> kaki aku yg swelling due to water retention). And papi plak siap offer.. "u nak tak handbag tu?" Tanya papi berulang kali. Ok the price lebeh kurang harga kt kl tp dh sale.. murah nk mampos. time tu aku mmg xdek mood nk melawa.. ye la.. mak buyong kann.. so xnk la beli.. blk kl nyesal! Sbb beg yg sama kt pavilion after sale rm210 gitu tapi masa tgk kt bandung rm120 bleh tak??? Bahbinyeee.. paling sakit telinga papi ckp.. "tu la I nk beli u tak nak" nak je aku jwb.. u nak pakai ke i? hehehehhe

Pool Session
Pas soping2, Heru ajak main pool la plakk. Ropenye dia kenal Meli kt tmpt pool la. Oooo sambil malu2 nk cite kt kitorg. Skalik kitorg ckp kitorg kenal kt Club lagik hebakkk kahkahkahkahkah!. Dorg main ok la.. bese2 kire hebak lagik la biqque & Sharul err sbnrnye Sharul lagik hebak 80 kali ganda hihihihi. Tempat pool tu cool gak tp paling xtahan tvnye pasang satu channel nih. bese la indon byk channel tv. Tapi satu channel nih mmg xleh blah. Channel pakaian dalam. Kire asik tayang lingerie runaway aje la tapi sume mcm porno.. pakai bra n thong patu tonggeng2 ngan lagu2 background yg kelam ape kes woi!!! kahkahkahkaha
p/s – oh yea kat sana sempat gak la mkn mcd hehehhe mcm xdek mende lein nk mkn

Hari ketiga, kitorg check out dlm tghari & Heru bwk g mkn sate. Tapi sate bese aje la sate ayam & daging. Rasenye mmg lein & dorg mkn sate ayam ngan kuah kacang & lontong (mcm kt sini la) tp sate kambing & daging dorg mkn ngan kuah kicap (mcm smbal kicap) and nasik. Huh? Tapi mmg ok la sbb rase satenye xmanis mcm kt sini. so bila mkn ngan nasik tu not bad la. Cuma xdpt la nk rasa sate kelinci (tau tak ape nih? sate arnab) sbb heru kata bese dorg serve sate arnab ngan beer.

Sheraton Bandung
Pas mkn sate tu kitorg terus2 check in kat Sheraton. Atas sket Dago st, bagi 5 star hotel, Sheraton Bandung sungguh2 la selesanye lebih2 lagik harga nye yg murah (nak compare ngan Sheraton kt sini la). Patu Heru ajak g Jakarta. Aku dlm ati what???? Aku xabis soping tk sini lagik!!

Pasar Baru
Memandangkn dh agak ptg jadik plan pg jakarta esok aje la. Lagik2 aku xsabo nk g pasar baru yg dikatakan tmpt mjual kebaya, kain2 mtr, telekung (ala mcm tar road) tapi murah. Otw pg situ, Heru & Meli yg tak penah pg ke situ (bese la dorg nih kaya, meli nih jenis soping kt Guess, kalu indon soping mcm tu mmg la tersgt kaya, aku pon xsoping kt Guess, cinabeng betol! Dh le harga Guess kat sana SAMA harga kt KL)
Patu paling xtahan.. meli yg mdpt info dr maknye ckp.. ropenye pasar baru nih tutup kul 5.30pm! ape kes! Time tu dh kul 4!! Hishhh aku dpt soping skit aje.. tensi nye!!!. Patu mmg muka xleh senyum la sbb tau esok dh xsempat nk soping lagik sbb papi nak sgt la g Jakarta. Bukan ape, nk jumpa Ibu Heru, lagikpon Jakarta Bandung naik kete takat sejam setgh aje. Ala hiway takat 121km. blk skinchan pon xjauh cmtu

Dago Valley
Ha. Mlm nye kitorg dinner kt dago valley nih. atas sket dr Sheraton. Mmg santekkk dpt tgk pemandangan hampir seluruh bandung. Mlm2 plak tu. Cun. Sume yg dtg mmg tak org kaya indon tourist la. Foodnye? Ermm ala2 western gitu. Bg aku food tu bese aje la. Tmpt tu yg menariks. Oh yea cm bese tmpt tu sejuk la bab atas bukit.

Photo Session
Memandangkan hari kamis (kire hari terakhir la) pap ink sgt2 pg Jakarta jumpa Ibu & Patra (kakak Heru), kitorg arrange photo session pagi2. Azmi & Ari came to Sheraton and bwk kitorg g atas sket. Dorg panggil tmpt tu Meteor garden cheewahhh. Amik2 gambo kt situ n kat hotel patu tunggu heru dtg. Before heru dtg tu aku sempat la t. Huh katil kt Sheraton tu letak kepala aje terus2 nk t hihihihi. Oh yea, photo session tu aku tgk2 kt internet. Azmi nih charge dlm 500ribu rupiah aje. Siap printkn 10 kepin gambo. Suka la kitorg memandang kn kitorg xdek family photo lelagik nk tunggu amira amik gambo kitorg punye la lama nk tunggu hihihihi.

Jakarta? Hishh Pekan baru la
Memandangkan aku masih xpuas ati xabis soping kt Pasar Baru, kitorg kansel trip to Jakarta hahahaha. Next time la kite pg jumpa Ibu. Masih kelam kabut gak soping tu tapi akhirnye aku dpt la ape yg aku nk bli (walau xsume expecially magnet, bahbi tul susah nk carik xjumpak2 cis!).

Paris Van Java
Patu Heru bwk kitorg g soping mall satu lagik. Paris van Java namanye. Mmg menariks la aku rasa mcm ermm OU atau the curve,. Ha lebih kepada the curve. Si meli ropenye suka mkn itik, elok la plak ade duck king kt situ.. huishhh kitorg mkn seafood aje la bab papi xrasa halal duck tu. Cuma confirm dorg xmkn babi hehehhe. Pas pusing2 kt situ. Beli baju baby kecik kt Sogo (watt sogo?? Mcm xdek tmpt lein tapi sumpah murah osh kosh guess nike? U name it. Sambil tunggu meli soping kitorg lepak la mkn jco. Jco? Iye Jco yg skang org dok sebok2 nk mkn tu. Bagi aku mmg se la Jco nih. tapi kat bandung lagik se nk compare ngan yg kt sini. mengapa ya? Hihihihi

Inul Daratista
Ha pas aje mkn n lepak kt paris van java; kitorg pg karaoke heheh kt situ gak. Karaoke tu Inul punye wahhh sungguh hebakk skalik!. Siap ade disko ball!. System nye mmg xleh celen. Kalu nk cite mmg xabis kehebatannye. Cm bese papi bantai sume lagu indon. Siap duet ngan meli. Aku ngan heru hihihihi.. heru sama la cm aku xreti nyanyi. Patu ratenye murah gak la. Sejam xsmpai rm20. mmg besh walaupon aku xnyanyi, lagikpon keje aku asik g toilet aje. Oh yea satu la yg aku mcm xcaya. Toilet kat sana yg kt mall or fancy restaurant mmg hebakk. Nih xtipu punye. Mmg hebak kalah hotel kt mesia. Hihihihi.

Babai Bandung

Akhirnye, bile bercuti nih kejap aje terasa. Dah ari jumaat. Dah kena balik. Heru iye2 nak anto ke airport. Padahal ade free shuttle dr hotel. Siap blikan kitorg ole2 lagik. Yg bertambah beshnye pusing2 bandung xjumpa magnet alih2 ade je jual kt hotel nye craft store tu cis cis cis.
Flight dr Bandung kul 10 lebeh. Nasib aku mmg baik sbb ropenye supporting letter dr dokter dh expired tapi memandangkn aku dh on board, dorg bg gak aku blk KL. Fiuhhh sampai KLCCT kul 1 lebeh. Abang amik straight pg JB. Patu esoknye pg Spore satu ari. Huyuhhh penatnye akuuu.

Kesimpulannye, tepon aku skang kena barr sbb bayo monthly tapi roaming 2 negara smpai 300. huh next month aje la memandangkn aku dh soping melampau2. huhuhu
Last Friday, we went for another checkup. We are so excited to see sami boy again. As he grew bigger, we can only see his physical part one by one, ye la.. muka dia aje dh penuh screen tu hehehhehe. Paling noticed skalik, mulut dia yg tak penah nk senyum. Huishh masamnye.. nampak sgt mcm aku

Dokter said; my weight is ok eventho I gained another 3 kilos. Bior beno weh! I'm now 64.3kg hek elen patu dokter said that 'bagus nih, baby dh besar' but bile scan aje. His head diameter is 8cm and he's only 1.6kg. erk?? "ok nih 1.6kg for almost 33 weeks but baby nih kategori baby kecik" aaaaa??? Baby kecik? Ala siannye nye my sami boy nih.. ke sbb mami slalu panggil baby kecik? Alahai. Xpe la.. asal kan sihat ok?

Dokter jugak ckp; perut aku kecik. ha mmg la kecik! yg beso bontot aje hishhh. Anyway, coz I'm going to my 8 months (tunggu 34weeks) so the next checkup every 2 weeks lah 25th Jan. Patu bile dh masuk 36 weeks kena jumpa dokter once a week. Wahhh mmg muka sepital aje la pas nih.

Maternity Package

Sempat gak la discus pasal pakej nk besalin nih. Kat ampang putri, ade 3 pakej normal. Aku tnya yg normal aje la.. yg plan ceaser malas nk tnya bab dokter encourage sume patient nye bersalin normal. Pakej yg menarik hati aku ialah pakej no 3. single room, normal delivery, 3D2N stay (ewahh cm dok hotel plak), O&G fees for delivery charges & paediatric check up and neonatal screening ape jadah bende tu jgn tnya bab aku pon xpaham sgt. Sume tu Rm2650 exclude gomen tax, any complication, etc la yg xttulis kt situ. Jadik kalu nk tmbah any injection for pain solution tmasuk la epidural ha budget2 la lagik 1.5k gitu. Setahu aku unplanned cc besenye dlm 10k kt situ. Huishhhh

Parentcraft Class

Ha. Last Saturday gak, sami boy first class ewahh. Papi decided to attend this ape tu prenatal class. Ha kat ampang putri nih not bad gak, rm160 for 4 classes. If amik one session aje jadik rm50/session. Every Saturday 2-4pm. Bagus la utk sume bakal ibu bapa terutamanye yg petama kali nk bergelar ibu bapa.

Sabtu lepas actually dah 2nd session, so kitorg kena attend la 1st session next February (mintak2 sempat hehehe). Ha elok la plak 2nd session tu tajuk nye Exercise in Pregnancy & Labour (dimana ahli fisio nye mc sbb sakit tekak so pospon next Saturday) and Pain Management. Aku sungguh teruja part pain mgt nih. Ye la xdek pengalaman hihi

Registered Nurse Saza yg conduct class nih explain; ape kontraksi, cemana jadik, belah mana yg sakit bla2, and ape cara2 yg di ambil utk mngurangkan sakit hendak bersalin lebih2 lagik, baby akan kuar bile bukaan smpai 10cm wahhhhhh besonyee.. Patu pulakk bagi first timer bukaan nk bukak dr 1cm-10cm tu boleh mngambil masa dari 12-15jam hamboiii lamanyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Bg yg dh penah beranak proses nih boleh jadik sesingkat 4-5 hours aje. Tapi sume2 nih ikut org la.

3 pilihan utk mengurangkn kesakitan pon terpulang kepada empunya badan. Itu termasuk la pengambilan Gas Entonox, Suntikan & juga Epidural. Epidural aje cover 70% pain yg lein tu takat 30% aje.

Nurse Saza jugak ajar breathing techniques & cara2 urutan husband leh buat utk melegakan si isteri, Wahhhh boleh ke nk ingat sume2 bila nk bersalin nanti? Ntah2 papi dh pengsan siap2 kt tepi hihihihi.

Bagus class nih. Tak sabo nk pegi lagik next week sbb dlm kelas nih rasa mcm disayangi pulak kahkahkahkahkah. Cm bese aku over. Ramai gak yg dtg. Ade le dlm 7-8 couple. Ye la class2 mcm nih tak di amik berat sgt kt sini. tapi mmg aku nk cadangkn la pada sesapa kalu ade masa n budget, attend la kelas nih. Mmg berguna (selain mbeli bahan bacaan) (berguna sbb bukan aku sorg yg oooooo sume org yg dtg tu oooooo tanda baru la paham kahkahkahkahkah)

Sket Info for this Class:

Session 1 – Preparation of Labour, Antenatal Care, Diet in Pregnancy & Lactation
Session 2 – Exercise in Pregnancy & Labour, Pain Management
Session 3 – Process of labour & Management, Management of Puerperium & Father's Role
Bath Demo, Orientation to Labour Room

My To Do List:
Prepare beg utk ke sepital
Buat decision utk labour nanti (nak amik epidural ke tak mo)
Makan – jaga pemakanan sbb skang asik kena heartburn & angin aje
Beli suar baru huhuhu
Oh yea. Makan lamb shoulder kat chilis sbb teringin ermmm sedapnyeeee

Monday, January 7, 2008


Dimulakan dgn ucapan hepi besday to my lovely sista Debi & her sexy sista Aisha.

This blog inspired by papi sbb papi yg suh tulis

Tau dakkk beras kat umah dh abis dr bulan lepas. Nak bli tunggu la bile suma dh settle. dah blk dr jenjln sume. So smlm start la nk bli groceries and as usual soping la kat c4. boleh tak xdek jual faiza herbal ponni??? (for me bese sbb mmg beras faiza yg satu nih ade pe'el sket. ade certain time dia ghaib dari pasaran).

Kenapa Faiza Herbal Ponni?

Aku start mkn beras nih dr remaja lagik. Mak & bapak la suka bli beras nih. nak senang cite. tiada kanji punye beras. lagik senang bicara. beras utk kesihatan. nak perincian sila rujuk ke website faizarice.com

Stlh berumahtangga, aku bli beras yg di pasaran lah. tapi lama2 mcm tak besh aje. kalu mkn kt kedai lein la cite. masak sdr (lebih2 lagi sejak berlaki nih xpenah la kuar duit sdr nk bli groceries kan) so request la kat papi. bleh tak mkn herbal ponni sbb bg sesetgh org mmg xpuas mkn. ye la beras tiada kanji. mkn kenyang tapi kejap2 lagik mcm nk mkn lagik sbb xpuas. Papi yg bese mkn bile blk sekinchan kata ok. aku pon suka lah (ala aku kalu mintak ape aje musti papi ok punye. maklum la sayang bini cheewwahhh)

Beras nih sbnrnye agak mahal la nk dibandingkn dgn beras lain. xsilap reganye dr rm19++ ke RM22++ tu pon dlm 5 kilo aje xsilap. Patuuu semalam pg c4 xdek, singgah la giant kt umah xdek gakkk terus2an pergi ke tesco ampang PON TAKDEKKK. patu cobaan terakhir pg jj alpha angel. before smpai jj aku tnmpak speedmart. siap mentioned kat papi. xdek kt jj pg speedmart bese la kadang kedai kecik2 nih ade stok. JJ spt tekaan tiada lah. so last resort ke speedmart la sbb dh nk maghrib nk blk ce la nih.

Haahahahha papi smpai kata "waahh sukanye dia" sbb mata aku tbuntang2 nmpak beras tu kt speedmart. tu pon ade dlm 3 kampit beras aje. Walaupon harga nye mahal sket amik gak la sbb xdek choice. xsilap smlm harganye rm24.95 wahh mahalnye. xpe lah asal dpt mkn beras yg pada aku sedap rasenye kahkahkahkahkahkah

Patu di sblh mlm nye papi masak dlm 2 pot patu dia goreng nasik utk dibawa ke opis. Itu la kisah semlm. Kami & Herbal Ponni

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Yu huuu Hepi Nu Year!!

I spend my first day in 2008 having a nice lunch at my pervert sista new home. She cooked Ketam Masak Lemak & Ikan Stim. But today wanna tell you bout my last baby kecik visit.
Hehehheh Sammy boy dah besar sgt so bile scan dh xbleh nk zoom kat dia. He's so active aka kicked me everyday just to inform me that he's hepi & healthy. The last visit was on Dec 18, 2008.

The reason beside seeing Sammy ialah nak dptkan surat dokter kahkahkahkahkah.
As mami & papi looking forward for Bandung; Dokter told us that Sammy is now 1.4kg and Mami officially reach 61.2kg huhuhuhuhu. Dokter said that i'm fit to fly to Bandung but pesan dont suka suki eat kt sana. Kena la memilih alaaaa kalu xbgtau pon mmg aku akan memilih kikikiki. And as i reached my 30weeks; so the next visit will be on the january 8th.

Eiii rasa seram coz my due dh dekattt.

p/s - nanti amira kena amik gamba sammy.
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