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Friday, January 25, 2008

Know who? Yes. My papi is a homophobic. hehehhehehe. for him this homo (gay) peps are not interesting at all. Me? i'm an ignorance but when it comes to vote for something, i wont vote for this type of group.

Beside despise this kind of peps, papi has experienced (worst for him) as he alwiz kena kacau from gay peps aka bapok or nyah. Ala.. kacau tu was like.. "hi.. nak kemana?" or this gay pep suddenly "cuit him kat bahu.. awww" for me? kahkahkahkahkah! it's quite funny when you see papi geli geleman n try to run away from them. No. he will not insult this kind of peps. eventho kena kacau papi will try to lari n avoid them. Besenye buat tak tau but this kind of kacau experienced can haunt him (as he alwiz try to forget it and dont want to talk about it)

yesterday, on the way back i called kak ma thru papi's mobile. i noticed that papi saved kak ma's number wrongly as he puts 8 digits instead of 7. as i already start calling i mentioned to him that he got extra no and quickly change it. the number for example : 012 2228 2228 and i dialed back to 012 222 2228 which is the rite one. Bla bla bla gayut with kak ma (my sis in law) asked her about kambing price actually hihihihihihi. (it's around 6pm)

Later once we got home, we were hepili lepak with Elly and watching American Idol, papi received a call and before he picked up he ask me whether i dialed the number before which is 012 2228 222, i didnt response as i was enjoying myself laughing at the reject at the american idol hihihihi.. then i heard

"sorry ye, salah no." "ye ye saya silap dial, salah no"

then papi screaming "yuckkk!!! hiiiiii babyyyy!!!!!! bapok laaa!!!!"

kahkahkahkahkahkah ropenye.. eventho the number i dialed before was more than 7 digits, they still dialing and direct the call to the nearest no which is 012 2228 222 (buang no 8 kat ujung).. huhuhuhuhu and wat a day, no tu no bapokkk kahkahkahkahkah

i asked papi wat 'he' says as papi nk letak phone pon susah. that bapok asked him with 'slang'
"hello... ermm u ade call no nih ke????" "ermm ade tadi... u nak ckp dgn siapa???" (ok used you own imagination how its sound)

kahkahkahkahkahkah.. for me is lucu. for papi? dia geli geleman for half an hour. siap "baby.. u kol balik.. ckp.. u wife i" kahkahkahkahkah patu.. "baby, kalau dia kol, u angkat tau".. kesian my papi. when i asked him to cerita balik he said "tak nakkkk, i nak hilangkan suara tu dari kepala i" ahkahkahkahkah

After that, around 7pm papi received 2 msg and i joked "ha... dia sms u la tuuu" sekali tu betol!!!! the berusaha tangga kejayaan msg:

"u ada kol i pukul 5.50pm tadi ke?"

"nama u sape?"

kahkahkhakhakhakah.. lawak laaaa tu dh mcm nk tackle dh tuuu.. as papi looking tension i just asked im to forget about it and delete the msg. even actually papi saved the number and put it "bapok, jgn angkat" hihihihihi..

bapak lawak ok. for me, this kind of sms or kacau thingy bukan bapok aje. sapa2 yg phone freak mmg suka buat mcm nih. Kesian my papi.

and know what, this morning on the way to the office, papi dgn muka agak tensi

" u tau tak b, bapok tu sms i pukul 3am tnya - u dah tido ke.?"


"yg tension nye i tersedar plak tu!!!! hiiiiiiiii" adu papi


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