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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sometimes in 2006, Papi has to go for outstation in Melbourne. On that time AA still not famous (err not sure whether they has operated yet. With no passport & enough money i'm planning to visit Papi (a surprise la konon) but Icam yg ikut dulu haha. 

Papi went for few months and he has 1 return tickets which i assumed he will used it for Hari Raya (balik KK la kan) to my surprise he went back on August just to celebrate my besday. Ala so sweet. Tengkiu for the 9west. And he said he will celebrate Raya in Melbourne. What? sungguh tak besh!!

So with little knowledge, i applied for passport & return tickets few days before Ramadan and tell my parent i will be back in 2 weeks time. Kan senang buat ape sume ckp kt Mak Bapak. Papi was so excited lagikpon his besday falls on Ramadan that year so kire balas balik la kan.

What i did in Melbourne. 

Stayed in Quay West Service Apartment in chilled spring. 
Eat Lobster
Drink at Starbuck on Ramadan (time nih tak pose so mcm malu2 tgk kiri kanan)
Shop in warehouse & Vic Market
Watch live show Australian Idol 
Planned to dine at 15Melbourne tapi xdpt table (Jamie's oliver restaurant)
Visit St. kilda Beach
Hard Rock Cafe (dh tutup rasenye)
Lepak kat taman
Enter Casino
Shop groceries & deep fried with olive oil erkk
and also visit Strip Club (boleh??)

I was so makan hati when i cam across the pics today as i was so slim & slender. Marahnyeee.. (gambo kat beach sume kurus2 menci)

We plan to visit Melbourne again (alasan nk visit my fren Ija mamamiya) haha alasan but maybe after i deliver lah! takde ape kat sana just love to shop hehe

4 hottie:

fiza said...

Ely, ko tunggu jer baby dlam perut tu kluar, pastu BF habis-habisan, sure kurus nyer.

Aku bukan nya setakat slim melim, kurus kering dah jadinya. Ko mesti tkejut tgk ☺☺

Ely Hasrul said...

ala ko mmg fiza! ko pegnen dh nk besalin pon ko kecik dr aku! hahaha

famil said...

Aci tak baru sekarang aku nak komen... here was where we met the first time as well.. kat restoran akak sentap. mcm layan taknak layan jer waitress tu..

Ely Hasrul said...

ye ke? jumpak kt sini? kt KL xjumpak? haha

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