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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a short fun trip actually. Browsing old photos and found about Genting that we went last Wesak. I promised to blog about it but actually not on the Fun Park. I wanted to blog about the hotel that we stayed. Maxim Genting. Gila tak penah dgr nama tuh as i've never spend up there hehe. It;s happen when papi so eager to go for holidays and he will take no as an answer but will take wherever place i suggested. Genting just near by and we invited Kakak that so happen to be as kind as truly Kakak who paid for all the accommodation. Biqque sumpah kalu tak menumpang aku ajak ko! haha

 while waiting for check in. Booked 2 rooms suite end up getting 2 connecting room. Who gets the 2single bed? kitorg laaa.. bad service!

 the security so tight, it's normal to have own key card for the elevator but another key for main door at the hallway towards the rooms? super fussy as i had bad experience with the key card. Maybe all the VIP's stay here so need more privacy. 

 ahhh nice one.. they even gave Aigner toiletries

 takpa we settle with this haha

 everything in Kaca. Mami takut sami break something!

 But Sami will behave when his Mami Cantek around hehe

 p/s - i cant fit into that pants anymore! marah tul!

 ok u see. thats so transparent and the bathroom has no lock! except for the toilet, so when u wanted to refresh aka mandi u can close the bathroom door but u cant lock it! so peeps just can come around to go to the sink, tub, toilet and the closet and definitely see u while u shampooing ur rambut! kinky okeh!

 The hotel from outside buruk aje. from the lobby okeh la coz Genting full with deco but the view from the room wallahhh we can see the Fun Park and scream to death when see peeps enjoying the xtreme games haha

The breakfast sedap and so different. First time jumpa breakfast yg serve yong tau fu, indian food, wantan mee etc. and if u r not hotel guest the price is also cheap. think breakfast buffet 30++ murah la tu for 5star hotel. (Andaman Langkawi buffet breakfast 100++, tu harga 2 tahun lps, cekik darah kan?)

Oh yeah while we were there, we also tried dinner at Olive Restaurant which i will never jejak again for million yrs except orang belanja. The steak i think almost 400ringgit but for sure the food is superb. hehe
Insya Allah jika ade rezeki lebeh nk belanja kakak g holiday kat Penang coz Sami dying to go to Hardrock. And i believed my niece & nephew kompom suka! If u guys nk try this hotel with high budget mmg recommended but if u have that kind of money u better go to Maldives! hhaha

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Drama Mama said...

syioknya hotel tuuuuu! i pernah do khotel toilet door takleh lock camtu..istana hotel ngn mandarin oriental kot kalau tak salah. dah la dok ngn family..risauuuu gila kang my brothers tetiba jalan masuk time i tengah mandi ka. so memanjang dok menyumpah hotel tu dalam hati. wakakkakaka

Drama Mama said...

oh btw, i pregnant aritu tu masa 1 month semua seluar dah ketat kena pakai maternity pants dah. gasp!

Natasha Farina Arifin said...

amboih bestnye gi coti-coti mesia....lagi best tgk man.utd supporters on board! hehehe! glory-glory...calit sikit!

Ely Hasrul said...

syiok tp banyak tapi la hahha mahal okeh suite tu rack rate dia satu mlm 3ribu lebeh cet.. now berat i turun sikit gara2 masuk spital tp jgn bimbang nnti kompom bagai dipam2! hahaha

auntie cha: mmg besh pusing mesia nih tapi kan kalu ikutkn cuti mesia lagik mahal dr luar gagaga

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