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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Since we were married, we have no time for each other. In the first 2 years of our marriage (Debi, Biqque & I were married in the same year) we get full used of YM and cursing Biqque's YM everyday hehe. Then when i started to quit my job and became a sexy housewife our Sista relationship continued by texting each other. Itu pon i will not reply after 2 msgs hehe.

Kenapa Eh?

Because we wanted to become an understanding Sista and gain payung emas later. We are so devoted to our partners and new life. We pray for it kan? Allah dh makbulkan pon. So berani nk komplen? 

Anyway we managed to spend time with each other eventho for short lunch hour on fridays (short sgt lah kan smpai ade org tuh makan gaji buta) or Karaoke gathering which hubbies know nothing about it. As for me 'dont tell my husband sbb kang DIA NAK IKUT!' hehe

And i've never missed our Potluck session which normally held on Ramadan. 
But 2011 is different storehhh babehhh 

Tahun depan aku HOST!

tapi Debi yg masak ye :P Tengkiu

grease kan?

sume gambo kat harddisk. aku nk gambo Langkawi!!! huwaaaaa

 time nih kite buat pool partey nu year kan? 

nih besday Debi. 

 sumpah tak ingat. 

Kuching. hhahahahhaa tetiba rindu kt gambo kite kat PD Biqque!. 
Ingat tak Bikini Models tuh???? 

Kahkahkahkahkahkah sumpah aku nak carik!!

Rindu kat Elly

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