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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Did u know my pervert sista is a very very fun traveler? we went together for holidays several times and yes, they are the truly explorer! if u folo pak ein's family to jenjalan u can understand why :P

Well…we definitely like to “travel and tell” eh silap, i'm a bad story teller and event my sista said i travel like datin2 if u know wat i mean hhehehe.. spending a day in spa, hotel cuisine, pool partime model,  golek2 kt bilik yeah tats me and i bet NON can “travel and tell” BETTER than Beauty In Darkness!.  It is so detail, so specific that makes you OWN the experience (and yes i do pray and wait for her Europe Tour) Believe me, it is worth to read! 

Please…visit my sweet little pervert blood sista’s website 

Just drop her a comment or anything you would want to know, owh god, I absolutely sure that she’ll be smile-sleeping!


2 hottie:

Biqque said...

(tersipu lalu lari...)

Ely Hasrul said...

pasnih g kelantan plak ok hahaha

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