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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yeap, you gonna see uploads more pic and entry bout hotels. it's just becoz i found my old album!! wakakkakaka!..

Years back (our glorious day sigh..) we are the sista went to langkawi for our 'hari keluarga' (wtf). that was my 2nd time to langkawi. i love it!. when we booked the hotel, they name by sheraton (as papi is starwood mmber) but were suprised by modernize westin look (under the same family). superb entrance, like other 5star greetings we do not need to queue for checkin. just sit down enjoying the view with complimentary bottomless juices. wow wee..

The tip top service including of room tour where they offered us the hanimun suite. sweet with only additonal rm400 & free wedding cakes, overlooking balkoni we have t turn down the offer as we have full itinery, pervert sista even include fishing trip lagik wakakaka.

The room as spacious as they can be, with 42" flat screen and papi's fav channel, we just cant get out from the room!. let me tell you bout sheraton i love about. there's no hotels can match their heavenlybed. beshnye.. nyesal duk situ sbb penuh aktiviti. next time next time

Yang besh:
  1. services, facility, food tip top
  2. 2 amazing pools
  3. free used of business centre (internet) (time kitorg kt situ la ek)
  4. dekat kuah, easy to shop & est
Yang tak bape besh:
  1. location, kat pekan kuah dekat dgn jetty (good if nak shop) but far from chenang, jauh dari airport
Yang sesungguhnye tak besh langsung:
  1. super mahal. the time we went there the deluxe seaview around myr1600(xdek bekfas xsilap)
Sesuai juga untuk pasangan kekasih yang sudah berkahwin, yang nak spend time kat hotel dan kuar sekalik sekala. oh yeah, kitorg duk situ sbb papi starwood member, not more than that. tengkiu

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