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Friday, June 18, 2010

Due to the coming Father's Day, Papi decided to take EL today (friday) opss i hope no EM's staff reading this. Pfthttt are u kidding me? Papi wanted to take a day rest becoz he just wanna watch the NBA Final, sorry Sami hahaha

Anyway, i woke early today at 5.30am (nowadays my morning starts around 6am but today i need to add nasi lemak to the menu). I finished all the packs at 6something and after subuh we send them to stations. Sami was so excited, 'sami taknak school, sami nak mami' yeah rite mentang la cuti sekolah. I teased Sami all the way saying i will send him to school but he keep showing the right way (to our condo)

I told Sami he has to behave as i wanted to take a nap (ape jadah pagi2 nak nap haha), clean the house & settle TMH works. To my surprise, Papi take out Raha's gift to Sami on his last birthday - Bidaman toy (ye Raha baru sekarang nak pasang) and oh my it is so complicated and eventho we used with toys made from China but the manual is in japanese language-nihongo. aduishhhh

And as i'm busy with blogging (ewah), i heard the common sound 'ouch, klung klang, oh' hey.. ' hahahhaa. Too bad Nathan's family (our neighbour) still in school holiday (dorg kat Jepon balik kampung), they will be back tomorrow or else bleh mintak tolong his kids pasangkan hehe

I'm sure they having fun!

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