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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Papi has a 'thing' with water chalet, he's been eyeing all water chalets located in Mesia, unfortunately we cannot afford 90% of them but luckily the 10% always been nice to us. This is papi's pattern of giving me any hadiah, gift (normally i choose heheh), fine dining (he scolded me when i feel like having claypot at c4 wangsamaju on mother's day) & short trip with hotel stay (those glorious day sigh..)

He surprised me actually on my 29th besday, we were on our way back to KL after a short trip to Melaka (had fun with pervert sista & melaka boys). I was 4mths pregnant (kot) (frust coz we supposed to go to redang but cancel due to my condition ala la la la) and singgah at PD for Molly's Yong Tau Fu. Tahu2 we parked at the hotel and Papi's g check in :P

Let's rate the hotel:

Yang Besh:
  1. divided by two, hotel and water chalets, the chalet room mmg superb!! (for me the room better than avillion just becoz they are new but ofcourse overall avillion menang la kan) spacious and as they built glass hole on the floor, u can actually peak at the little crab and even fishing. Open shower experience. 5 star on the room
  2. price ok not so expensive for water chalet.
  3. service good
  4. other facilities good, if ade baby can make use the pool & game rooms
  5. food ok
Yang Tak Bape Besh:
  1. man made beach. bosan
  2. i coudnt find anything interested beside the awesome scenery at nite. sigh
  3. the chalets are quit near with the hotel lobby and guest staying at hotel rooms and also see the same view. no privacy there.

Not suitable for pasangan kekasih yang sudah berkahwin. Agak bosan and it's 20mins from pekan PD.

Tengkiu Papi, nanti bawak i lagik ok.. this time bawak Sami :P

Love note: omg, sapa yang pegnen tu??

3 hottie:

Drama Mama said...

omg!!! apsal lain sangat muka! macam budak tak cukup umorrrr ja time tu, macam darjah lima! hahahahahahha

btw, that's a compliment tau bukan kutukan wakakkaka

Liz Rohaizat said...

babe, kalau nak best lg.. pegi LEGEND WATER HOMES. sbb setiap bilik ada private pool. boleh berasmara dana kat bilik. takyah keluar dah. haha.. opps.. terlebih sudah!

I'm eyeing this legend water homes for our next wedding anniversary.

Ely Hasrul said...

zura: tu la nye.. paling sakit jiwa.. kurus nye i dulu... tu tgh pegnen tu huwaaa

liz: wow bleh berasmaradana tu yg xtahan tu hahahhaa.. next aniverseri aku nak laguna redang. dh lama sgt tingin g situ.. huwaaa

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