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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dear lovers,

There will be available promotional lot at upper floor Subang Parade starting Nov 8, 2010 - Jan 2, 2011 (56 days). We decided to sublet the lot with minimum rental price as below details

Rental period : 8.11.2010 - 2.01.2011 (56days)

Lot space : 8' x 10'

Location: Level 3, Subang Parade (near celebrity fitness)

Operational hours : 10am - 10pm everyday

Item to sell : fashion apparel - ladies blouses, shirt, scarf etc, accesories, breastfeeding kit, handmade, bags etc (other products can be checked)

Rental price : RM50/day (atleast one month rental)
Selling price range: RM10 and above

The lot will be under Take Me Home Resources license and can be share below benefits

* free use of merchant facilities - credit, debit cards

* free use of fitting rooms

* advantage on flea market at upper floor on weekends

* can be promoted by two lots

Please contact me - Ely at 012 316 6131 for further info & enquiries. Thank you


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