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Monday, April 19, 2010

Last saturday we i woke up at 6am. Made Scram You Egg + Cheese for breakfast and after subuh getting ready for Gatsby (ok aku excited sbb dapat enjoy haha). Sami coudnt understand why he has to shower early but excited when he knew that we are going somewhere. After send Papi to APSH we headed to BTS. Early as when we parked the time showed 8.45am hamboiii.

Lepak at Krispy Creme (xtau eja sudah lupe, papi suka mkn donut kat sini, mengimbas kembali zaman kanak2 dia katanya), then came Batrisya yg comel itew! oh lupe with her charming petite mom - LIZ. We are not early actually, they the one who late. Kul 10 baru nak bukak counter. At first i'm not excited to play all the games (walaupon 2-3 kali komplen sbb tingin naik mechanical bull :P)

Tu nampak tak si baju merah tu.. hehehehe

Then Anje aka mamaaqish join us. Kebetulan jumpa. Alhamdulillah Aqish dh sihat. While watching Batrisya with her baring di lantai action, one of Liz fren (blogger gak) tegur. Forgot his name n his blog address. Sori if u read this entry please leave mark ye. Nice meeting u btw. When they start to register Sami and I went to susu and when we cameback Liz already register which i managed to take her pic. I didnt plan to register as i'm not in the list but as Liz can bring one fren, she's insisted and even she scold one blogger when the guy did not want to give his queue to me. Haha. Mamat tu celah Liz tolong then when Liz asked to include me dia xkasik. Haha. However i managed to register and quickly change shirt.

After susu session, looking for Liz & Batrisya

With no sign at the changing camp, we need to get sticker no. to participate in the Malaysian Book of Record for Biggest Blogger Gathering. Liz got no 77 and i requested for no 78 (lahir tahun 78 kan hehe). Then we put our lucky draw entry (xdek nye nak dpt aku xpenah bertuah) and start to try the street games. OMG sume games besh ok!!! lupe diri kejap haha. From far i can see Anje aka Mama Aqish play games and she was awesome! gile ah senang aje dpt point. Liz and i were terkial2 and i aimed for the easier game. Which is i tried 2-3 times and finally got points haha kesian. Sami and Batrisya was well behaved. They're excited too and give mommies chance to play.

Just getting started. The street games includes american gladiator, baling tin, bowling, change tyre competition (kena tuka dlm 30sc.. ok next) and online games 'miss come try the online games' opss sori i'm not good in online games, err i'm bad or worst lah. the only games i can play i think the one that we have to shoot ballons (one of danish games) and i'm stuck at level 1 okkk.. yg paling slow tuuu hahahaha.

We are having fun, really. Thank you so much Liz. When i saw the basketball slam dunk i pity Papi. If he join us sure he get excited too (and i'm right as papi dissapointly comment 'beshnye games dia...' with sad face of course hehe)

i get my first point here

oh i'm suck at this, he's so nice and let me play over and over till i get point haha

surprisingly i'm good at this hehe

After about one hour the MC announce the photo session. we stop the games and squeeze ourself and take photo and when we are about to take pic 4 of us my camera kong. Eeiiiii geramnye!!!! after posing, acting and screaming (which not sure where it related) we headed back to the street games. Checking other games and Sami & Batrisya both started to feel sleepy. Ok ini adalah kelebihan ibu2 mempunyai anak yg slim and slender. Fuhh lucky us as they are not so heavy and Liz said she will not wait until finish. Same here, i have to fetch Papi as he finished his fisio hours ago hehe.

Oh about the points we earn from the games, we actually can redeem/change it with Gatsby products but have to wait for the call. Ok. Tak bleh tunggu. And whoever holds points paling banyak baru leh tuko so we decided to give Anje the coupons. After say babai we off to APSH.

'besh tau papi event dia..'
'nak pg balik?'

'nak..tapi... ermmm' looking at Papi's condition, Sami sleepy face and my cranky tummy terus tak jadi. oh yea we continue to AU2 JJ for sami's mohawk haircut (xleh upload vid la here help!) and intai the Sandwich
Terpanjang event kat situ

Thanks Liz. We had a blast. Next time ajak lagi ok! hehe

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Liz Rohaizat said...

haha, ye.. mmg aku marah dgn pakcik tu. muka berlagak bila aku minta tlg. padahal kitorang dah tlg dia dulu. kalau tau la dia berperangai 'melayu mudah lupa', xde der aku nak tlg dia.

mmg best la permainan2 tu. rasa x puas nak main.

aku ambil gmbr2 kat sini letak kat my blog eh.

Ely Hasrul said...

pakcik tu malu kucing sbb tu dia dtg carik ko mintak maap. lucu pon ade. tu ah aku xpuas main. buleh aje amik gambo. nnti aku upload fesbook

Liz Rohaizat said...

tu la, kita dah minta baik2 kan. dia buat sombong. kan kena sekali dgn aku.

tp bab minta maaf time kita tgh menghilangkan dahaga tu mmg buat aku nak gelak. kita dah la muka toye takde perasaan mcm x dgr. aku rasa aku x ckp apa2 pun. terus blah cari ko. mesti dia terpinga-pinga.

Ely Hasrul said...

hahahah ye ke liz?? aku time dia approach tu mmg aku muka ignorance semulajadi aku la. patu bila ko dtg tu aku dh nk tgelak. xpe la pengalaman.. hehe

Anje a.k.a Mama_Aqish said...

suka bangat dapat jumpa ely wat kedua kalinyer...sanagt2 sporting gitu

Ely Hasrul said...

sbnrnye anje yg sporting.. famous blogger tapi xsombong pon..

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