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Friday, April 1, 2011

Sami is so lucky  
(try to ignore Myra)

Auntie Biqque lovesss him sooo much 
(again, ignore the fact that Myra is superrr comel)

When Auntie Biqque explore Jaipur etc recently, she was so cheapo sampai bargain for everything for as low as she can get and yes she got it! BUT Sami is so lucky as Auntie Biqque lovess him so much till she will not think anything cheap for souvenir (Mami til now pening when calculate the hutang that Mami knew someday sure kena bayar balik haha)

Auntie Biqque sanggup nego a cab price from RM5.60 to RM2.80 BUT more willing to spend like thousand rupees for Sami's India Taxi ???

 woahhhhh Sami lovesss the Indian Taxi too!!

Thank you Auntie Biqque! Sami lovess UU....

2 hottie:

Biqque said...

alalalalala comelnyer mukaaaa! takde la thousands wehhhhh...hundreds jerrrrrr...malu aku kang orang yg penah gi india tau hahahaha!

Ely Hasrul said...

huihhh nasib tk tulih million rupees ..kire nk tunjuk mahal laa hahha.. hahaha.. dia kan dok sorong kete tu kt dinding la sume.. smpai satu hari.. 'mami taxi fly' smbil buat taxi tu terbang hahhaa

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