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Friday, April 29, 2011

Ok. Ok. need to confess the biggest reason i wanted to enter this contest is one of the hadiah which is the fridge magnets! fuiyooh really caught my heart haha.. sungguh tak sopan! dah la nk speaking. tetiba aje :P
Ok. lets start again. yes the magnets are so cute but as i'm the silent reader of Cik ChybeeLila for how long i couldn't remember so i got updated for every entry she wrote. This morning when i open the blog terus2 saw her tajuk for which her first contest. Teruja ok. Then when i read the syarat & guidelines i started to feel 'kecik' as i know nothing about good picture or photography (pity me sob sob)

Then when browsing her gallery i got excited again as her blog charm has always the good pics so avoiding to comment on the technology and technical difficulties i rather give her my cetek ilmu humble opinion on her blog pics that caught me to folo her

Memula jom we promote her Contest: Are You Care Enough
Bukan senang tau dapat permission to use others pic or entry (normally we just ambik without asking permission kannn hehe)

So the pic i chose ialah from her Flensburg, Germany forlder:

The reason i chose this pic kerana

I love to read and browse other blogger 'vacation/travel' entry or album folder as i only have below 50% chances to do the same (so mimpi aje la smbil tgk org lain punye gambo muahaha) So i really loves to feel their experience like the pic above. 

I love it as i can imagine i myself catwalking, posing at the deck. For me i prefer if the subject cth yacht to be more clear and YOU, yes you Ms.CybeeLila do your signature pose kat situ.

Signature pose penting for me as i can laugh together with your amazing experience like my sista - Biqque always do (curik gambo Biqque satt)

see.. looking at this pic i really dont want to go there and felt sorry for myself as i miss the enjoyment of my life haha but at the same time i can laugh at this pic thanking to her for doing that (btw she got many good pitcha!)

But doesnt mean i didn't fancy scenery pic as my fren Famil always put nice view pic when he's travelling alone mcm anak derhaka and his pic always give me anganan for someday i can do the same. Exactly like yours but Famil never failed to give clearer view (and info ofcourse) abt the places he went (meh curik gambo lagikk)

and from the same album and same spot:

there you go, what i'm hoping for you can pose further up but with bigger view so i can see your cute face, long runway deck with nice clear sky.. huk aloh byk songeh la aku nehhhhh.. haha..

btw just ignore me as u r doing good! nice pitcha babe!
and just gimme the magnets!!


7 hottie:

fiza said...

Good luck ely ☺☺

Chybee said...

good to know that i now reach to my silentreaders :)

pic yg ely choose tu mmg nk focus at the blue sky. sbb ssh jugak nk nmpk awan yg cntik mcm tu. kebetulan bwk lens xle zoom, ssh nk ade dlm frame yg besar and have me inside. huhu...siapa suruh malas kn sndri dh rugi.

btw, now I have to be morw rajin sbb tau ada org nk tgk even dia not that obvious. thanks dear!

famil said...

Cis, thanks for the iklan. But i dont usually advertise my blog (not even on my FB page) hihihihi.

Anyway, for surprising me, you won a ridge magnet from Budapest.

Nanti hari selasa aku pass kat Papi

Ely Hasrul said...

fiza thks!

famillll!!!! hahahahha suka suka suka!!!! papi cuti smpai selasa, aku tak dulik hari rabu aku suh dia tuntut!!

err cmne nk menang magnets dari austria, vienna etc? haha.. thks btw.. kalau ko xbagi pon mungkin aku suh papi mintak hahahaa

Ely Hasrul said...

Cik ChybeeLila tengkiu2.. harap paham la ek coz nk komen on kehebatan gambo mmg tak reti la.. and for whom yg xminat or bese2 aje pasai fotography clear & interesting photos dh cukup dah hehe :P

Innanie | Ariffin said...

good luck utk contest chybeelila... jom dtg blog sy dan bg sokongan pada sy pulak! =)

Ely Hasrul said...

thks for inviting innanie.. insya Allah ya

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