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Friday, May 27, 2011

Last saturday MCDC held it first performance review. We have bz weekend so woke up early and quickly made bolognese sandwich & mini donuts for our potluck. Arrived around 10+, forgot to get the camera and straight to meet Teacher Afiqah, she showed us Sami's review and Q&A Sami's daily activities and development. I took the chance to jadik mandur and check Sami class, nap room, bathroom etc (sbg ibu yg penyebok aku mmg suka buat spotcheck haha)

'sometimes Kak Ma serba salah coz they took bath around 4+ and parents come near 6 so all the children already comot and sweaty.. if parents smpai quickly i asked the teachers to comb their hair' explain Kak Ma

haha.. xkesah sgt coz Sami mmg active. Bukan dia comot pon kalau kitorg dtg amik..

 The only pic taken from left Teacher Sara (Sami's fav teacher), Teacher tidak diketahui sbb xnmpak muka and Teacher Maria (owner of Mariah Child Develoment Centre) 

'cantek but are u sure u want to wear that?' asked Papi when he saw i put on my tee

'ala i pakai cardigan laa.. ' hehehe

They separated laki and pompan, the registration was smooth, the food superb (sapa la masak bihun singapore tuh sedap sgt..) the info mmg complete, facilities bagus and Sami

'actually, Sami masuk class for 4-5 yrs. Dia cepat' kembangggg Mami & Papi :))

School holiday has started but nursery mcm biasa. Till next semester which Sami will not complete sbb nak pindah dahhh :(

Earlier we packed sandwish & mini donuts for potluck. Mami terus packkan senang sapa2 nk bungkus..

Off we go to I&P and check out Auntie Biqque's new crib


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