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Monday, December 7, 2009

Coming to the 2nd week of December 2009, eh first i would like to wish my best of fren; BIBI SHARIZA HANI a very hepi besday, she turns 31 today and we've already getting prepared for 2010. known her since we were 12, hoi almost 19years?? i should blog about her someday.

so i continue, since last week i started to hear about 'new year wish list'. i feel like punching somebody as i really hate to make any wish right now coz i know i didnt pray so hard this year that is why Allah didnt grant half of my wish. My bad.

But i do know what i want.

I want to settle my DEBT!


No suka suki wish like nak melancong sana sini, bahagia alam perkahwinan, anak makin pandai, muka makin cantek, badan makin solid. NO

Dear Allah, please help me throw all my lazy habits and shower me with good lucks. I'm grateful i have a job right now but please help me find better job and better pay so that i can pay all my debts.

Aminnnnn Ya Robbal Alaminnnnn

Then baru aku nak buat wish list.

La la la la la la

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