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Friday, December 18, 2009

As i'm the official winner of Peraduan Buku Inspirasi 2009 (eceh saja jek nak ulang byk kali), i need to submit one pic for Mas collection. The due date is on this Sat but i couldnt find any suitable pic for her, ye lah either i'm too sexy, too cubby or too comot. And i was trying to snap earlier with sami but i dont dare to share it here. Too buruks! need to do something with my camera hahahaha bukan nk salahkan penjagaan muka, salahkan camera :p

So i rather put Sami as the mini model. Actually we are in the middle of our normal activities; drawing and colouring when i suddenly remember about his first masterpiece done at nursery and even he got 3 stars for it. Ohh i rated the work as much as the stars in the sky :D

So we started to punggah lemari buruk and finally found mami's frame collection (masih dgn plastic wrap okek), oh i'm becoming a hoarder but it's ok i'm not as bad as biqque. Yeah she's truly a shopaholic and hoarder. Someone need to knock her down take her money and grab her belongings and start a yard sale. Yard sale kena kat padang sekolah sbb baju dia aje kena 3 lemari.

sami dont really understand why mami is so proud with his work

Sami's workstation

And i just cant help it. One nite he found my empty makeup kit and he knew it can fit haha

Nih Papi's workstation, sepah siap nmpak tgh nk buat entry nih hahaha

Nih yg dia nak sgt nih

Mami? as mine blkg meja papi aje.. hahahah my own sofa, feeling beauty hahahahah

Ok Mas, will give u good one soon or at least before this Sat. Update later!

6 hottie:

Rozy said...

sami really knows what to do with things around him...hehehheh

Anonymous said...

waaa..sammy ada artwork..

sammy cam miya suka letak beg on head gitu.

workstation papi..kemas lg la dr workstation i. hahahha..

Ely Hasrul said...

kat umah sami selalu la draw something patu as usual after he's done with some projects either he will throw it hard to the walls or koyak sampai abis. huh mmg memunjukkan perasaan yg puas hahahaha.

p/s - workstation tu i amik betoi2 sudut paling less sepah hahahah

Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

congrats hot mommy!

biqque said...

hahahahahahaha! lets yard-selling :D

cantik apple sami...sok besar, auntie biq bawak masuk pertandingan melukis ok! mcm auntie biq masa skolah2 dulu...

fiza said...

Sangat cantik artwork sami (^_^)

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