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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'bla bla bla.. ACL reconstruction secondary to sport injury'

ok i cant recalled the exact sentence but it was the short explanation for Papi's right knee condition. We were back from PCMC just now but i feel like winning a public speaking competition or english essay or something. Papi has appointment with his orto and Am came along to collect documents to submit for Papi's personal insurance company. Bravo Am, sebagai agent insurance ko mmg hebak

previously, the orto made mistakes by putting as 'elective surgery' which after explanation we just need him to change the reason to 'due to sport injury'. ye lah senang nk claim, kang insurance byk tanya plak

and during these years from zaman bercinta smpai la ada anak, i'm well known to have a broken english. sungguh bongok tang grammar, ckp pon xpandai. even Papi several times lah amazed at me 

'waahh u know the words ya?' 
'ooh great u paham rupanya' 
'oo i tot u tak tau' 

bahbi kan? hahhaha and i have the same privilege to mock him when he, until now susah sgt nak paham bahse melayu haha

and tadi bleh tak Papi and Am were checking at the new letter and confused with the word secondary and arguing why the dokter didnt put 'DUE' or 'BECAUSE OF' (what a shame) and tot the meaning of 'secondary' is a second time surgery

i was like...
(siap nk marah dokter tuh yg xtahan tuh..)

'why are u so confused?, ini meaning that the reason for ACL is from the sport injury lah!' i tried to explain. annoyed

'iye ke? itu ke maknanye? aku nye english still triple 1. 9. ' si Am try to buat lawak bongok

'hello... ask him lah! he's soooo great with english!' ok aku dh seronok time nih!. hati sudah jahat nk gelakkan orang

'hello.. i'm good with english but not in writing..' papi try to defense himself

wait, i have dictionary' 
 and after he checked from his phone, Papi happily or should i put shameless to declare that itu 'secondary' wording bersamaan dgn 'atas alasan' hahahahahhahahahhahahah

i just cant stop laughing

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