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Saturday, January 9, 2010

On the first day of 2010?

I should blog about BKK trip but this is our new year activities:

01.01.10 - we were hepily went out for Sherlock Homes at MBO, i even bought a seat for Sami but only spend about 5mins coz Sami started to continue vomitting and showed potential of diarhea. duhhh. menci tul. yes, we were frustated not becoz we cant watch the movie but upset about MBO facilities - bleh tak xdek surau???? bangang AND of course so worried of Sami.

Straight to Idzham and Dr. Mas gave medicine and advise to refer if getting worst. And of course he didnt show any improvement and continue throwing up. After doing some research (tengkiu google) and (tengkiu Fiza), we 'hangin there' bak kata H, sleep like a peacock thru the nite (aku xtau main sebut aje sedap rasa), and after hangover nite we safe and soundly sleep and only wake at 10am. amik ko.

02.01.10 - after making appointment with Dr. Kumari, we reached Ampng Puteri at 11.30am. Sami was amazingly hepi and active (xdek le terkejut sgt sbb dia mmg hepi aje), played like usual and cried like usual when he saw Dr. Kumari haha. We were given ORS and pro-biotic. Itu aje? yes. itu aje. Dr. Kumari gives tips and 'oh pls continue breastfeed. GOOD for him'

She also said that Sami is active and if the vomit and ceri beri activities continue, 'u have to come in' itu la ayat dia. And sami did some improvement, he played and jokes and even eat! however he started to have mild fever and later that nite his temp on off. Menci. This time papi and i were contemplating to send Sami to ER. We both knew that Sami wont stop vomitting and pooping (ala comelnye) and decided to watch him by ourself (and ofcourse with help by Mr. Google)

03.01.10 - After tolak menolak session (masing2 tunggu sapa yg kasik kata putus), i packed stuff needed when in hospital and off to ER at noon. Sami was at 38.8 and cried when the nurse wiped him with cold cloth. Waited for paed (doc) on duty about half an hour and were asked to stay (dah agak dahhh). After the heartbreaker session (pasang drip) and waited another half an hour for the registration process (kelempap, bosan) we were given room 611 and this time Sami was at 39.7 huish makin naik.

Thats all basically; Sami discharged on wednesday but still recovering. Ofcourse papi and i didnt go to work (papi konon2 work from home tapi bangun kul 10am gak hehe). Today (09.01.10) Sami only poop once but his stool show more solid like when he was exclusively bf. Tau poop baby yg exclusive bf? sangat la comel bau cam burger kfc bak kata papi but when they start eat, huh gross sehhh

Thank you for those who pray for him. Extra note, thank you Raha for the shirt. Sonok la Sami masuk hospital dapat baju baru hehe. And for me, dah 2 minggu xmasuk opis. Fuhhhh

New note: Happy 1st Birthday Riza Zuyyin ... err Damia? Imani? okek i forgot my little niece name, tu la naa panjang sangat zzzzz

8 hottie:

Hayatie said...

ciannya sami..get well soon eh...! Nnti boley auntie bw gi jenjalan naik alza...whooopss!

luvhaziq said...

kesian sammy...cepat2 sembuh k..

fiza said...

Alhamdulillah...sami dah sihat (^_^).

Fuhh...lama tu cuti, 2 minggu. Tak per lah, anak is priority, memang tak senang hati gi keja klo anak masih tak sihat. Kerja bley cari, tapi anak...tak der gantinya.

salwana albaki said...

:) raha ckp 'no-no iyuu'..mummy raha translate: 'no need to thank you'..hehe..

Drama Mama said...

hahhh dah lama takleh internet, tetiba tengok sami sakit. ciannya dia...get well sooon dear, tapi dah ok kan ni?

sami tetap maintain hensem eventho sakit

Drama Mama said...

oh visit my biz blog ya http://twinkywinkystars.blogspot.com


CatlinaFly said...

sammy..aunty minta maaf tak menjenguk..alhamdulillah sammy dah sembuh..mmmuuuaaahhh utk sammy dearie...

Ely Hasrul said...

xpe Cat, xyah susah2 nk jenguk. bukan dpt tgk ape.. dpt tgk sami nye poop aje hehe.. keje nurse situ asik la kena tuko cadar.. sampai sofa2 la sami poop kan hahahaha

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