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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Today i send my resignation letter, lebeh kurang gini

'due to circumstances, i hepily reluctantly resign bla bla bla i cannot commit to work during working hours and decided to work from home bla bla bla.. tengkiu bla bla bla' hah suka nye aku!

When i handed the letter, my boss took it well and he even ask me for 'A PART TIME JOB!'

Hah! how lucky i am and we end up agree on working 3hrs/day ie 10am - 1pm weekdays or whenever i'm available and he will pay me by pro rate basis.

'is it ok for you?' he asked
'i didnt find another job tho' i replied
'after we have replacement you can still continue work with us if u want to'

Maybe i was lucky today, i grin he even grin bigger. Maybe he's in a good mood or is he happy i'm resigning?? Hah hahahaha bleh tak he came back to opis tadik after meeting outside and bought us vitagen? Hahahahhaha

Anyway, i definitely have another plan. I better do

I'll continue doing Pack Me Love on full time basis. Need to do marketing on that as i need to add at least another 2 station. I've also started Take Me Home with my kakak(which is i am the full time kuli/boss/decision maker and she's the banker haha) couple of weeks ago and now doing some stock up. I am so happy!!! Beside 1 booth at MAHA and another coming at Melawati & Keramat, deep down i felt a lil bit guilty.

How about Papi & Sami?

Can they survive having a loud bz wifey and mommy?

I hope they can understand.

Is Papi supporting me?

'baby, u do what u wanna do but if u need to go to get ur stock, i drag sami gak' papi insisted to follow us
'what? errr u pay for the tickets?' see i have a tricky brain
'i dont mind' (yes dalam hati)
'tapi ingat i pegi for work, u kena jaga sami bla bla bla bla' as usual i'm a whinner


'so bila nak pegi? i sambung cuti'

ewahhh papi...

Note: thanks Papi.. after 3 years u still kept ur promises..alhamdulillah. Papi masih seperti jejaka yg ku kenali dulu.. tidak berubah langsung.. wahh jiwang karat kejap.. seb beik aku period skang...


13 hottie:

Liz Rohaizat said...

bravo! good luck, babe!

harap2 one day aku boleh jd mcm ko!

Anasfadilah said...

if there a 'like' button,sure i press one u know..hehehe


Ely Hasrul said...

thanks liz..
kalu ko nak sure buleh bleh kite buat gathering wahm wahhh overst! hahahaha

Ely Hasrul said...

thanks dila.. aku kan cite2 nk jadik cm ko.. hehe

Masayu Ahmad said...

tahniah ely

saya tumpang bangga n seronok

Biqque said...

wah, meriah la masuk rumah baru nantiiiiii :)

nadnye said...

tumpang bangga jugak nie.. saya bile plak

Anonymous said...

pasni bukak opis kat rumah aa..best best best...

fiza said...

Smoga menjadi WAHM yang berjaya (^_^)

dibitz said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! all wifey should be like this. :)

i loike!

kakyong said...

semakin kencang la bsness pas ni..

dialicious said...

wah..welcome to the club.hehe..best tau keje seniri coz the income is unlimited..keje kuat dptla lebih..but the opportunities tu sgt abundance so dun worry..goodluck babe

Ely Hasrul said...

diah, u dh keje sdr ke??

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