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Friday, April 3, 2009

The extraordinary mama - Puan Fiza kita has awarded me with this award. Mum Of The Year Award. Huh! Layak ke? I kept thinking am i a good mother? Since Sami came into my life, i've trying, struggling siap bersumpah will love him, nurture him, provide me, protect him with/from everything lah. It's only 13mths but i felt so tired already (tendang bakul)

I think the award should be given to my mom. She's supermom like any other moms. I'm not gonna brag saying my mom is the best mom in the world coz she is and so did the other moms. what i want to say is my mom really put her highest effort to raise me and kakak and abang. The sad thing is i rarely say thank you to her. Apa la aku nih. Jap lagik nak tepon mak. I love you mak.

Also, to my kakak. everytime i went to her house i'll go to peti sejuk (no, bukan nk curi magnets. bukan juga utk mengambil makanan) but to read the notes (with funny pics - draw by shasha & jerry). the note sounded like tis:

'mommy, kakak love mommy. mommy la yg terbest skali in the world'

lebeh kurang gitu la. sweet sgt. bahagianye.

And almost everyday i'll ask myself 'is Sami hepi?' but now i know he is. no need to wait for him to write me a love note but by seeing him acting funny just to show papi and i that he's hepi. Thank you Fiza for make my day. Not for the award but for the reminder that actually i am a good mami.
Wanna see how hepi Sami?


Lastly i wanna forward this award to my sista - debi u r a very good fren & i bet u'll be a great mama. Also to mama miya kite, dgn pantun dari KL sampai ke Melbourne, semoga menantuku itu sihat selalu.. (buduh punye pantun)(tendang bakul)

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Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

Kecik2 dah suka mabuk, bahaya ni.


Sammy mmg la dr dulu lg happy baby, maklum la ignorant cam papi dia kan?

Mama-Miya a.k.a "Jedi Hopeful" said...

Yes u deserve the award as mom of the year coz u berjaya breastfeed sammy til today, sammy is still alive & kicking, survived the tanah runtuh, survived boss giler and also u berjaya handle sammy & papi (u know what i mean here).

Almost reach level supermom.

elysuhaili said...

ekceli ignorant dia cm i hahahaha i nih nampak aje kepoh tapi ignorance orgnye.. nk buang perangai tu sbb i malas.. malas + ignorance lelama jadik cm lembab plak.. hampeh..

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