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Monday, July 21, 2008

Papi has been looking for this new car seat and found the best (as per professional review) in bebehaus at OU. Concord Ultimax (am i spell it rite?). Eventhough it's really hard to install in the car i can say that Sammy love it!! (as he suck the belt all the way home hihi). It cost around 1400++ but we get 10% plus free membership that we can get 10% for every product purchase in the store lifetime pulak tu fuiyoo (hopefully we can get stokke product with that huhu)

product description: Innovative combination seat with hassle free installation system (hassle free??? ermmm)
product details:

  • Car seat suitable from birth
  • Rear-facing from birth to approx. 10-13kg/22-29lbs (approx 15mths), forward-facing once your child can sit unaided 9kg/20lbs - 18kg/40lbs (approx 9mths - 4yrs)
  • Seat has an integral harness, and is secured in car by an adult seat belt
  • Optimum side-impact protection with padded head cushions
  • Easy to adjust headrest and harness
  • Inner seat can be completely removed for easy installation
  • One-handed operation tension installation
  • Includes chest and buckle pads
  • 5-point, 1-pull harness
  • Removable washable cover

Even Sammy 'almost' fell asleep... Tengkiu Papi!!

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