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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yesterday Jaja came to my office and i've successfully sign the form and bought Sammy's insurance policy. Happy? Relieved? Bet I am. We've been planning to buy him the best security since he's resting in my womb. for us this policy is very very important for his future. After checking few insurance company we endup signing from Prudential. Lagikpon easier as Jaja is my bestfriend. Thank you Mama Jaja!!

The policy covering for:

1. Saving / Education - which we can use the money for Sammy's education. Education la takkan kawin kot.. hehehe.. patu confirm la nak belajar kt obersi.. ewahhh sbrnnye mami dia yg suka nk jalan hahahaha

2. Medical / Hospitalization - which covered for the list of illness given BUT I REALLY DONT WANT ANYTHING HAPPEN TO HIM! EVENTHO THE COVERAGE INCLUDES DAILY ALLOWANCE etc

3. Emergency Accidental - Dapat la one lumsump amount if accident

err ape lagik ek? ada lagik tp malas nk baca policy kahakhakhakahkah.. Anyway, the monthly installment is only RM160. Mahal? For me affordable as i can spend RM300 for 9west jadik jgn la nk compaint ye nk labur takat tu sebulan hehehe.
Oh yea, for whom who interested to know more about the policy can contact my friend Jaja - 012 201 3605. She can propose you any quotation within your budget & requirement. No harm for getting info pon.

Anyway Sammy, nanti sama2 doa ngan Mami, mintak kt Allah murahkan rezeki kita, sihatkan kite sekeluarga ok? AMINNN..

2 hottie:

Janggel said...

Santeknya kakak Santek masa ni.

Ely Hasrul said...

skang santek lagik tak? hihih

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