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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breastfeeding is more than a feeding. It is a form of nurturing, it is the act of love.

When I was pregnant with Sammy boy (mcm la aku pegnen byk kali). I've remind papi about the brand as well as the price of formula milk (dgn bangga siot). BUT when we attend the pre-natal class in the breastfeeding session; i almost cried and blessed (smbil mnyesal byk kali). Nasib baik we attend the Class. I feel so stupid like bimbo (sbb bimbo still cun) and bercita2 to breastfeed.

After so many mistake i make; i can say that it's now officially a successful breastfeeding routine as we enjoy & cherish the time we had together. (I miss sammy boy) AND this breastfeed also taught me to READ! READ! READ AS MANY AS U CAN!

I will try to paste any article i found after this. BUT i want to share this cute message i found in momslittleone website.

Dear Mommy,

Thank you for bringing me into this world. I am content and happy every time I hear your voice, feel your warmth, comfort and protection. Please let me stay with you all the time so that you can breastfeed me on demand. Please don't wait until I cry because I'll be a very fussy baby by then.
Your colostrum is all I need.

You can provide me warmth, security, food and drink. I do not need any pacifiers, bottles or water. There is no need for topping up or supplementing with formula milk. The more you breast-feed me, the more milk you will have, mommy.

Please be patient with me as I learn how to feed. I will try to be patient too (I know I can be a pain sometimes). I'm sorry for stressing you out! I really don't mean it. It may take a while for breastfeeding to get established. It will give me the best start in this big wide world! If you find feeding uncomfortable or challenging, please ask the nurse or lactation counselor for help to get me latched on properly. Please do not watch the clock to see whether it is time for my next feed or to see how long I feed.

As you continue to breastfeed, I will get protection against infections, heart disease, diabetes, eczema and asthma. It will help my jaw and brain develop. I really want to grow up to be strong, intelligent and healthy.

I want you to know that I appreciate all that you have done. Your breast milk is always the BEST milk for me. I love your precious "golden drops"! But most of all, I LOVE YOU, mommy!
Hugs and kisses,

Your Breastfed Baby

again. i miss sammy boy. if u re expecting, planning to breastfeed, a mommy, daddy, ratu cantek, had jiran who their child alwiz make noise, nerd or whoever who read this blog & interested pls joint me to explore the world of breastfeeding. serius sehh sume kebaikan xdek keburukan pon.

To be continued

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