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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It happened one fine morning when i open my eyes & said to Papi
'd, i mcm nk dok hotel. nak holiday, i think sammy's need pre-trip before Bandung'
and Papi replied:
'kat ne? bile??'
'ermm i xpenah pg Cameron. ok?'
as usual Papi who i think (huhuhu) lovesss me so much:
'ok. u arrange hotel & pick the date. i will check my schedule ok?'
It was in late April if i'm not mistaken. and not wasting any time, i 'day dreaming' all day hehehehe. my sharp taking granted brain always working fast & immediately planning the what i call it pre-trip to Cameron

-yo yo watsup yo.. sami ala2 hiphopers otw to Cameron.. ehhehehe r we there yet?-

- at 3mths time nih. he start to crawl yeahhh -

- oh sami so small -

I chose 7 June for the trip (agong's besday holiday) then pick the hotel. After asking around, i proposed only YTL resort, strawberry park & equatorial hotel. Pass the YTK coz super mahal & this is only pre not hardcore trip. unfortunately as this is adhoc plan, strawberry park fully booked. We got Equatorial with cheaper price as we're using ezholiday mmber card. thank god. I was a bit kelam kabut as i oso arranged for mak's besday dinner. Try to fit every schedule but end up everytin'going very smooth. thank god

Think sammy knew that we are going for holidays, he's so excited but sleep all the way to Cameron hehehehe good boy. The hotel is OK with good view. SEJUK. Peps who knew me knows that i cant stand KL for 27deg, opis 18deg, apetahlagik Cameron yg ala2 sejuk sepanjang masa. Menci. Lucky me my hormones change a lots, after gave birth i didnt wear socks anymore. Panas sket kot. Bit lucu when debi said 'aku ingat ko dh kehabisan stokin' wtf kahkahkahkah
- bunga kat pasar malam.. cun-

- konon gambo family tapi sami tgh asyik pandang ape ntah-

OK. back to hotel + Cameron for me personally i love it!. I even told papi 'i suka & i nak dtg lagik'. Suka pe tu? erm i think i love all the fresh air, fresh farm, fresh sayur, fresh mind, not so fresh food, not so fresh road, not so fresh tourist bus (cilakak nye bas parking sana sini ngan asap sume kacau!)

We went to Pasar Malam (gambo bunga kat atas tu, malas nk bwk turun gambo tuh) which i became myself where i'm so rambang & dont know which one i should buy & try but of course i got myself lobak putih yg gemok2 & murah tu. Time nih bunga lalang bese la nk susu banyak hehehhehe. We only spend a nite there (siap leh jumpak org esso plak kt sana, bleh la dorg ade treasure hunt.. demyuh esso). Otw back we singgah at strawberry farm. Buy some try some flash some shoot some. Ujan all the way back. OK have to admit, i really wanted to comeback but to take an hour from toll is horror ok.

And i oso knows that this blog ntah ape2. Mcm nk cite trip tp xdek pon story yg bleh buat manfaat. This time i just put some pics lah! hehehehehe.. xsempat sehh. Anyway hope to see u again Cameron. Love u (but love Langkawi more)

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