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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Allah loves me so much! I love HIM too. 

Despite whining tak tentu arah, Allah grant my wishes. Thank you Allah. He gave me dugaan too but he knows that i can handle it. Memang Allah Maha Mengetahui. Thank you Again.

I hope this 2011, Allah will grant my below wishes

1. Please ampunkan our sins
2. Please give me special space to berniaga so that i will have a job, the kind that i enjoy so much
3. Please success my bisnes so that i can makes money and help my Papi to pay our Idaman home
4. Please makes my loan process smooth 
5. Please give me & my family a good health
6. Please give me susu for sami as long as he wants
7. Please give me extra money so that i can go holidays especially for coming boxing day

To be continue..

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