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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Last khamis papi still not well so we went to clinic and got him mc and sempat weighing myself. Alamak it's so true! a day before i tried qis's scale at her store and showed like 57.5kg?? omg!! and i bet it must be true as i'm wearing jeans and just took lunch, eh silap heavy lunch hehe. So when the scale showed 55kg at the clinic i just give a big grin. mana la tak betol. i ate like it was my last meal since a month ago. haha nafsu makan teruk betol

Ok back to the story, after knowing my lastest berat it's still doesnt stop me to have happy lunch haha. we stopped at FFC (fatimah food centre) at Pandan Jaya, makan, and continue to Subang Parade. Janji to meet Wadie at 1pm but reached Carrefour at 1.30pm (bese2 memandangkan wadie known for super lembab as well). Planning to go to Empire, nak g British India ekceli but since it nearly 2 we just checked at Parkson and finally found Papi's new shirt and casual pants for our next trip (ehem tak sabo sungguh!!)

Ape yg beli ikan nye??

Hehe. Wadie and her aunt plan to get ikan at Sekinchan for their family's big lunch on Saturday, and for them the best way to get Fresh and Cheap ikan is at Sekinchan or the area nearby. I have to agree but plus the mileage ermm amazingly still CHEAP! haha. So if you staying near Klang Valley, wanted to have bbq or seafood dishes in large amount. Go to Bagan at Kuala Selangor - Tg. karang - Sekinchan. Tapi xyah la smpai ke Sg. Hj. Dorani. Dah jauh sgt tuh.

So Wadie fetch us nearly 4pm (omg so late, called Is (my highschool bf) and he wish us 'good luck' cis), it's 8 of us, Wadie, Is & Alis, Papi, Sami & me, Wadie's Wak & Aunt. naik Estima confirm la muat & comfortable. (i want mpv sigh). And thanks my bestfren Is for his wish, we are so lucky as we reached Bagan Pasir at Tanjong Karang at 5pm++ hello from Subang, dekat aje lah hehe.

At the first jetty, only udang left. wadie with a big grin 'lel, only rm50 u know...' and after i gave her mata kucing look.. 'hey, it's 2 kilos.. so cheap...' smbil angkat kening ala ziana zain.. 'hey i didnt say anything..' tho i agree it's quite cheap as the udang was like bapak segala udang. no fish left. tak besh. so we moved to other jetty and lucu betol as we are like berebut with one indian family which their main purpose must be cooking for deepavali la kan haha

This is heaven, eventho for me tak banyak but wadie and aunty dah rambang mata, main point aje which ikan they want. siakap senonong gelama ikan duri sume nak. sadly no tenggiri. dan abis. tgk kedai sblh they said their last boat will come at 6.30pm aiyoo lambatnye. so i just amik udang kertas for rm4.80 almost a kilo ehem besh2 and sotong with telo gemok2 rm6 half kilo.

'eh sure u dont want ikan? ur mom?' wadie as me curiously
'err tak payah la, aku nak tenggiri..' malas ok nk amik ikan lain yg fresh2 and gemok2 tu. the rate around the same with sekinchan wet market. siakap rm16 per kilo, mabong rm12 per kilo etc
'ah belagak' haha wadie tak puas hati as she knew that i can get the fish anytime. gila selalu balik kampung katakan..
called mak and she pesan ikan sebelah. 'what? ikan sebelah? where??' ok wadie jakun
'i want! i want! gimme 1 kilo' ok gila haha
'u know my bill is only rm109...' wadie terasa dikayangan
'miss, u bagi diskaun haa.. saya org sekinchan tau.. kalau mak sy tahu sy beli mahal macam ini nnti dia marahhh' 'mesti2 saya diskaun lagi maaa' seronok membeli mcm la aku rajin nk masak

ok mmg murah for ikan berkilo2, i just skip whats wadie's aunt and uncle beli. lagik gila babas. order ikan tak berenti. 'tenggiri kat sebelah rm20 per kiloooo' finally the ikan arrived and papi just get the smallest and the cutest. 'ehem u only save rm5 per kilo tau' sarcastic memperli. 'hello i save rm50 for 10kilo fishhhh' wadie nak menang. bla bla bla

Haha but we had fun! gile besh. after finish smpai xmuat ice box straight to sekinchan. Sami and Alis mmg seronok lah dpt tgk ikan, ambik gamba sesama sendiri and all

to be continued..

2 hottie:

Drama Mama said...

aiseh! murah eh ikan2 tu babe. i tak reti beli ikan sangat, kenai pun tak. yang i tau ikan ketul merah, cencaru ngn ikan sardin. yang tu ja selalu beli hahahhaha


Ely Hasrul said...

i buat2 kenal aje ikan2 tu sume hahhaha

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