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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I think the last movie i watched in woyang are Transformers & Die Hard 4.0, huh! lama tuh. So today i treat myself with woyang. I was contemplating, its either Dragonball or Watchmen. Yeah exactly the type movie i wanna watch. Action-packed Superhero is my favourite. So end up i choose Watchmen and know what? it was the most STI-UUUU-PIDDD movie ever! Period

The era is bosan. The hero is so heroic. The costume is so superhero wannabe. The action is superb like how 67yrs old MAN with no superpower can be so kuat and hebat? or did i miss the part that tells how they became so strong? do i need to read the comic first? I bet if i read the comics i will be more frustated as the movie is so 5 star sucks! Oh yeah, the aksi-lucah was so boring and lame. Siap part hooker flash tetek kat Rorschach pon nampak. Hoi lupe nk potong ke part tu? hahahaha

I'm watching the woyang alone. But adalah around 20peps yg nonton bersama. There are 3 guys sitting in my row (sblh aku je ekceli), cumbu2 couple kt depan and ntah sapa2 kt blkg. The funny things is the cumbu2 couple infornt of me keep bercumbu mcm budak sekolah bercinta xtau nk geli2 kt mana pilih panggung wayang la tmpt nk terlebih geli. The cumbu couple tu lakinye mat saleh umur dlm 40an and minah nye gadis. cun? xtau xpasan muka tapi badan seksi. umur dlm 20an. xsure gak melayu ke cina. In the middle of woyang suddenly i heard someone snoring kahkahkahkah tapi bese gak la tu and dlm setgh jam nk abis woyang tetiba aje mamat2 sblh aku dh xdek kahkahakhakah. After finished and kuar dr woyang i heard one couple, the boyfren 'errmm besh kan?' sambil beri pandangan bermakna kat gelfrennye. the gelfren yg betudung senyum sumbing patu dedua gelak.. hahahhaha thats mean not only me la yg myiampah kt movie nih.

Why i didnt choose Dragonball? I read and watch dragonball. I have high expectation so when i know whos the cast and just look at the banner i cant let myself to be dissapointed. Huh nyesal aku! Ingat dh buat right decision. Cis Cis Cis

I wonder if comic fan of watchmen has send death threat to Zack Snyder

Anyway, cant wait for more Tranformers & Mr. Wolverine himself

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