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Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm 100% jawa. Papi 25% Jawa, 25% Banjar & 50% combination of Iban, Kadazan and Bajau.

How is that? So Sammy need to learn about his anchestor :D

Keturunan Jawa

Who are the Orang Jawa? The Orang Jawa ('people of Java', also known as 'Javanese') migrated from Central Java, Indonesia, to Malaysia from 1880 to 1930. They migrated to seek a new life away from the Dutch colonists who ruled Indonesia at that time. Today the Orang Jawa live throughout Peninsular Malaysia in parts of Perak, Selangor, and Kedah. There are also isolated communities in coastal areas of Sabah. Some Jawa have even gained influential positions in society. The Chief Minister of Selangor traces his roots back to Orang Jawa ancestors. The Jawa language is being spoken less and less among today's younger Orang Jawa. Most of them have either never learned it or cannot remember how to speak it.

Yeap. Mami can understand about 99% Jawa language (jawa kasar - malaysian version ye) (have u heard jawa halus before?) but mami can't speak Jawa. If mami speak Jawa it's like comedian in TV who tried to speak Jawa and make fun of it sedangkan punye la bodoh bunyiknye and xdek jawa slanga langsung. ala like peps try to speak utara where they call langsir by langsiak.. which mak jah sblh umah slalu sebut langsir tu tirai.. buduh

Keturunan Banjar

Banjar (or Banjarese) is the name of an interior and coastal native ethnic group which settled in the Banjar region and in
Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia, the fourth biggest city on the island of Borneo. A few hundred years ago, some of them had travelled to many places in the Malay archipelago. They set up pockets of settlement in those areas, namely in Perak mostly in Parit Buntar and Teluk Intan region, Selangor around Sabak Bernam and Sungai Besar and Batu Pahat, Johor in Malaysia, in Medan, Sumatra in Indonesia and many other places. Banjarese people is a melting pot of the native Dayaks, Malay ethnicity from Sumatra and the Javanese courts.

My dad in law is half Jawa half Banjar. He speaks Jawa but not sure if he can speak Banjar. Nanti nak tanya Abah. Papi? He doesnt understand and speak both languages DAN kebetulan pulak, my dad in law is originally from Sekinchan, Selangor where i was born and raised. Where do you think i got that name 'Skin'?

Banjar language (bjn) reflects the history of people. It is basically the Malay language brought from Sumatra, with some words are taken from Javanese and native Dayaks. I can't understand banjar but used to the language so sometimes i can assumed what are they talking about. Ala like my sis in law, satu hapah xtau Jawa but eventually dapat tangkap gak maksudnye kadang2.

Keturunan Iban

The Ibans are a branch of the
Dayak peoples of Borneo. They were formerly known during the colonial period by the British as Sea Dayaks. Ibans were renowned for practising headhunting and tribal/territorial expansion. A long time ago, being a very strong and successful warring tribe, the Ibans were a very feared tribe in Borneo. They speak the Iban language.

Headhunting? whoahhh terasa hebat plak. Mcm viking. huhuhuhu

Keturunan Kadazan

The Kadazans are an
ethnic group indigenous to the state of Sabah in Malaysia. They are found mainly on the west coast of Sabah, the surrounding locales, and various locations in the interior. Due to similarities in culture and language with the Dusun ethnic group, and also because of other political initiatives, a new unified term called "Kadazan-dusun" was created. Collectively, they form largest ethnic group Sabah.

Kadazan culture is heavily influenced by the farming of rice, culminating in various delicacies and alcoholic drinks prepared through differing home-brewed fermentation processes.
Tapai and lihing are the main rice wine variants served and consumed in Kadazan populated areas, and are a staple of Kadazan social gatherings and ceremonies.

Keturunan Bajau

The Bajau, (also written as Badjao, Badjaw or Badjau) are an
indigenous ethnic group of Malaysia and the southern Philippines. Although native to the southern Philippines, due to escalated conflicts in the Sulu Archipelago in the southern part of the country, many of the Bajau had migrated to neighboring Malaysia over the course of 50 years, where currently they are the second largest ethnic group in the state of Sabah, making up 13.4% of the total population.

The origin of the word Bajau is not clear cut. Although it is generally accepted that these groups of people can be termed Bajau, these groups never call themselves Bajau. They call themselves with the names of their tribes that are mostly the names of the places of where they live. They accept the term because they realise that they share some vocabulary and general genetic characteristic such as in having darker skin, although the Simunuls appear to be an exception in having fairer skin.

My mother in law is Sabahan. Papi said that mak keturunan Iban, Kadazan and Bajau. Mana dtg ibannye tuh? bukan iban kat sarawak ke? huk aloh mau 10thn xabis nak kaji sume keturunan. Tu belum part bahasa, budaya, food, adat resam, music, dance, cuisine.. huh byk tuh. Anyway, Papi can speak 'Sabah' but i forbid him to speak that languange to me (sori bukan nak pilih kasih but as he always jokes around so i feels like kena rape ngan org lain aje if he speak sabah to me).

I've 3 siblings. Kakak the eldest kawin ngan Abg Mie yg berketurunan Nogori (dorg still ikut adat pepatih tu) and he also mix chinese. So Shasha & Jerry mmg la tersgt 'Cina' nye mcm debi ngan Aisha. While my brother is the only son kawin ngan Kak Ma yg Maminye berasal dari bukit Tinggi Indonesia and Papinye org Ganu. So Danish ngan Zuyyin tersgt la kendonnye hahahaha. Dulu time Danish dlm umur 3-4 thn dia slalu ckp.. ya ampunnn and ada certain masa dia sebut 'hati2 ya buk' hahahhaha and i always reply to him 'oit Danish busu tau la Danish Indon' hahahha and I'm the youngest and the spoil one. I married Papi and you know la ape campuran Sami tu hehehehe.

I'm quite excited to know more about papi's keturunan memandangkan budayanya yg sungguh meluas (beshnye kalu dpt pakai costume pengantin dorg huhuhuhu). We will balik Sabah one day but not sure when. If we had that opportunity, kompom aku akan pusing satu sabah hehehe..

Oh yeah, did i tell you that papi is my american berbangsa jawa boifren? Eventho he mix with sume diatas, he grew up in states. so dia mmg langsung2 tiada budaya mesia. hummpphhh..

4 hottie:

famil said...

wah, ko lupa negeri yg 70% populasinya adalah Jawa... Johor!

elysuhaili said...

tak lupe. cuma xsebut aje. mak aku asal Muar, Johor :D

biqque said...

part banjar tu, aku teringat...kaum ni banyak kat bagan serai (on the way ke parit buntar)...aku penah dgr, diorang nak beli air tebu sebungkus, diorang ckp "air tebu sekarong"...haaaaaaa hamik ko!

elysuhaili said...

sekarung? ye ke biqq? hhahahaha

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