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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yesterday morning Papi dah forward few pictures of Suci enjoying durians. Yes that lil Suci girl really follow Mami makan's step (makan pon ada tapak?)

and Papi sometimes can be funny


Friendly reminder from Papi to not lupa dataran while eating durians..

Anyway, I bring Sami to my work place and in the new studio room he was nagging me, instructing and stressing that the mannequin should wear wig..

'nanti jadi cantekk...' he tried to convinced me

'i'm not going to use the wig, tak amik pon gambar kepala dia...' try to convince a 6 y.o tengok mau dgr ke tak..

After 10mins,  he doesn't show any sign to stop promoting the wig, so I put on the wig and ask him

'so, mami cantek tak?'

In front of the male staff he looked at me, paused few second.. kerut2 muka.. and slowly make a comment...

érr I'm not sure'

I can hear the male staff giggling...

Yes, Sami can be funny too...

Like Papi like Sami, double strike in one day..

3 hottie:

Anash said...

eceh...jadi la updet entry cenggini

akak first lagi ker?


Ren said...

Wow kegemilangan kakak santek bakal bersinar! Rajin apdet blog dah!

Fiza Rahman said...

Rajin2 lah update lpas ni yer.

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