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Monday, December 13, 2010

Adoiiii sungguh bz, jadik sungguh penat kata lain dari malas la kann hahahha.. banyak sungguh cerita yg menarik dan tak berapa besh nak share tapi meh kite jenguk contest dari biqque . Sila la ambik kesempatan ini ye sbb biqque punye contest mmg calang2 hadiahnye.. ngeeee.....

*****English Version*****

Want free Giveaway? Easy! Just join this!

1. Create a post with this title and giveaway banner, and link back to this post.

(How : Just copy the exact title and banner, paste them into your post, and link it.)

2. Tell me which ONE is your favourite post in biqque.blogspot.com and it's link.

(How : You can choose ANY POST out of 510 posts. Wallaweh! No need to read all la, just throw a dice, and pick! Hahaha! Don't think twice, just go get the post title and it's link ya.)

3. Tell me why you like that post.

(How : Simple or complicated, both accepted. The MOST attention-grabbing/interesting/appealing/unique description WILL BE SELECTED.)

4. (Optional but a bonus...) Be my stalker.

(How : Frankly speaking, I NEVER ask people to be my follower, even in the yearly Photo Challenge that offered flight tickets, but everyone knows, Giveaway always 'silently' force everyone to be follower...but you guys are opted not to do that coz I'm cool...hik!)

5. Leave your comment here, together with your posted link.

(How : I shall screen ONLY posted links in THIS post's comment ya. No where else.)


Giveaway starts NOW

and ends on 19th Dec 2010 by 12.00 midnight.

Result shall be announced on 20th Dec 2010 at 9.00 in the morning.

Selected post will get mystery gift.

(Hint : See what SHE got for Photo Challenge Balik Raya.

See how she got lucky to be no.14978th.

THAT is a Contest and Luck. This Giveaway is just an intro.

Hahaha! Don't play-play!)

good luck!!

1 hottie:

Biqque said...

macih2 :D jom ramai, masuk GA saya :D

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