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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yes. This CNY we will going to Pangkor to join Biq's family. Ramai. Kak Saba aje xdek. Arini tgh rajin so tulis blog. nak blog panjang kang tunggu blk dr pangkor confirm biq buat blog huhuhu.

We had Chilis for lunch today. Thank you Papi. I'm feeling much more better today. Pagi2 papi dh hulur duit. Thank you Papi. I dont know why but i just take the money huhuhuhu. Then after lunch we were window shopping. Actually looking for Sami's topi, wetsuit and besday present. Nak bagi ape kat si kecik tu? banyak nye bende nak buat. Hish

2009 list

1. Tengok house property
2. Pangkor for CNY
3. Need to set appointment with Dr. Ariza - ape kena ngan hormone aku nih

1. PD on Hari Wilayah
2. All star game on the 16th
3. Sami's Besday Partey

1. Sg.Petani for Intan's wedding
2. Redang for 2nd anniversary



1. Spore for Man's wedding




1. Papi's besday



throughtout 2009 i need to find new job. i hope a very nice millionaire will hire me and pay me well.

Be back

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Anonymous said...

june til dec leh dtg melben, i takde kelas time tu..huhuhuhu maybe nak kena kerja cuci keta pakai bikini la kot sebab time tu maybe dah makin pokai...

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