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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Eiiii sedihnye.. 2-3 days before we went to Krabi, i had this major problem. My boobies no longer in Cup D size and the letdown omg tooks ages to come. Sami got hi, eh silap, very hi fever in Krabi but luckily the susu still ada & cukup for him eventho boobs kempes sentiasa.

Doc gives me Pil Tambah Susu the other day. Err my mistake maybe coz i didnt take as per prescrip.. heh konon takut kena bengkak susu. And the susu on off until last nite. Frust betol when sami cried as no let down & we have to give him EBM.

I've done everything:

- enfamama check
- oat + barli drinks check
- milk maid tea check
- fenugreek pill check
- pil tambah susu check
- 3 pumping session check
- direct feeding when with sami check
- eat in time check
- kurma + soya check (ermmm sedepnye ice blended kurma.. nk buat la mlm nih)
- tenangkn minda... errr nk check tapi tgh kacau jiwa ..how?

ok. i need to let go my stress. the depression comes when sami which is a very good boy marah2 bile let down xdek. sapa xmarah wei kalu cmtu. tapi bile sami marah mami terus stress. jgn marah mami sayang. i pray to Allah not to take the nikmat he gives me.

for those who wanted to know my feelings.. if i cant breastfeed sami until he's 2 i feels like i lost my life. lost peps who i love the most. i'm so devoted to breastfeed. i enjoy(should i put s?) breastfeed. i love breastfeed. i long to breastfeed. i hate formula. i hate peps discourage me.i hate peps ask me why i didnt give my sami formula. i love the feelings that i can hold sami, sapu2 kepala sami, cium2 tgn sami while he's enjoying his susu. I love the FACT that i lost weight because i breastfeed, i love to think that i got good figure by breastfeed. I love the thought that i dont need to worry to eat as i will lost callories everyday by breastfeed. I love the FACT that papi love me more when i breastfeed. I love to think that sami is a very fortunate boy. I'm a very lucky wife & proud hot mami.. oh I'm so obses to me Hot Mami. Hot Mami need big boobs. Pls susu dont go away..

saiko. i need to thinks something good. something best. go away. go away stress. frens pls doakan susu byk for me. byk susu. byk susu.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku..
Banyak kan la susuku..
Khasiatkan la susuku...
Cukupkan la susuku sekurang2 nye sami umur 2 tahun...


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