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Friday, July 22, 2011

Kakak sms me this morning

'ada boots tak? jeans jacket? i got fast & furios theme this week, nyesal xbeli jacket kt Bangkok'

without asking thousand question and i replied.. (gara2 dh bese dgn kakak punye event yg penuh dgn tema)

'i dh throw away my boots and only have HP jacket, peps wear seksi sleeveless, skinny jeans or tight short skirt with stiletto. it's fast & furious not Gila Gila Remaja!'

kahkahkahkahkah ok aku kejam when i know thats not her idea but her poor colleague who suggested to be a one groupie with boots & jackets (boots yg mcm doc martin or timberland tu tau bukan boot clubbing) terus terbayang dorg buat rambut tinggi zaman 80's

'tell them that' aku gelak2

'hahaha jangan la tak baik tau....' hahahhahaa kakak xsmpai hati nk bgtau staff dia..

ok aku kejam lagik. mintak maap. go watch the movie or google their outfits la weiii


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Got back from BKK last wednesday and have to babysit Sami the whole thursday as i wanted to settle the new stock & papi got meeting on the nite. So sehari suntuk Sami ikut Mami pegi punggah stock. and oh man he never knew penat as when we traveled back by train he continue playing at JJ AU2 playland duhhh. When we got home around 11pm, his Uturoman movie plakkkk zzzzz

so i had full day & nite, the next friday totally forgot what i do but i'm sure its all about work then got the bad news on the nite where Bapak has been admitted to Tg. Karang hospital due stomach pain. After Subuh we as in Sami & I rushed to Sekinchan. It's a long journey coz we have to do many stop including picking up Kakak and get Abang's car. Oh now i remember what i do on Friday! early morning folo Liza to get toy stuff and after lunch heading to DEMC with Kakak. Kak Ma masuk spital plakkk. She's totally MC Queen. Abang & Kak Ma kena Denggi luckily Abang still have energy to walk around but Kak Ma is the worst, she even admitted to High Depency Unit (HDU) (errr how to spell?)

So we, Papi, Sami & I in one car (Papi balik KL on the same day) and Kakak with Shasha, Jarish & Danish in one car. eventho the traffic were bz with roadblocks we were lucky coz we heading kampung. Bersih punye pasal bapak aku nk g spital pon kena tahan grrr. Abang wanted to folo us but kakak tak kasik. sudah la sakit masih mau berlagak abang. he kept calling smpai beratus kali and insist us to bring Bapak to DEMC and started to curse about government hospital policy. Kakak malas nk argue but Bapak tak mau. He even raised hands high when the cucu showed up smbil ckp 'see Mbah tak sakit la.. Mbah takde ape2" amboiii

So last weekend mmg packed and meletihkan akal. Sami & I balik with Abg Mie and Kakak stay until Monday and Abang also came to Tg. Karang til Bapak mengalah and now he's resting at Kakak's place. Doakan Bapak cpt sihat ok. Tengkiu
As for me, we had to head back KL as Abg Mie need to continue his Catering Marathon and nak menjadikkan cerita my staff resigned on Ahad. Takde le drastik ke ape, dh tau pon cuma frust as i really wanted to teman Emak & had appointment with gynea on Monday. End up postpone the appointment to 18/8. Lama kannn??? Papi la punye pasal, before nih sebulan gak la tunggu patu xbleh nk dtg. Papi asked to see another gynea kat PCMC tapi nk set appointment smpai sebulan (cursing dlm hati)

p/s - i'm not pregnant, just a routine cheackup yg dh lama xbuat huhu

Itu la weekend lepas, as for Sami he's happily spending time kat Kampung with his cousins, exploring the hospital & vending machine. On Monday i woke up reluctantly and open bisnes as usual, to make it worst (the worst monday blues), i got no sale at all! can u imagine!!! ini cite takde cover punye. the only sale i got was from the other source and even many booking and orders. However Allah always Great. he loves me so much. On Monday my fren come and treat me with breakfast & dinner. Got orders for Pack Me Love and got new staff. Rezeki jugak kan tu? smiling. Tengkiu Allah
And on Tuesday (yesterday) and Wednesday (today lah) my sales Subhanallah, Syukur Alhamdulillah. I always believed selagi kite bersyukur and ingat Allah, sure kite dapat nikmat kurniaan dari-Nya. Ya Allah sembuhkan la Bapakku aminnn

kiss u!
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