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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yeah back on last Jan we celebrate new year at APSH due to sami's food poison. Then mid of mar papi plak down with meniskus surgery and injured his ACL. Me? omg. triple stress. i have to drive DRIVE ok i hate driving even i lost my driving license last year and dont borther to get replacement as i kindly knew i'll have my own driver. Dushh back and forth between sami, papi, nursery, hospital, office, station etc make me sick. I'm under stress and i yell a lot. sapa lagik mangsanye sami lah. huh depress aku. pg opis pagi2 nk nangis sbb nyesal apehal la asik nk temper. baru jaga laki sakit sikit dh komplen :P

And after the sixth day in the hospital i couldnt take it anymore and seb beik papi discharge on sat nite at 10pm IYE 10pm ok. eventho i knew how APSH works (on over charging) i'm still mad at nobody except myself. ye ar nak marah sapa.. bukan salah sapa2 pon..budak yg buat bill mlm2 tu pon buat ot zzz. the bills? oh yeah i dont buy it when Dr. Shahrul - the attended orto replacing my orto Dato' Dr Wahab (pg umrah) said it will cost us under 10k. tipu lah jgn nak mein2. charge Dr. Wahab tgk muka aje 90hengget. Tendon keras kat wrist aku nih pon 5k dia charge and i am right :D (big grin cam menang tapi xtau nk claim hadiah kat sapa) the bill came out up to 16K++ (pala jadah dia charge disposal underwear 13hengget) but why i'm whining? saja gatal. we ended paying for only 270++ aje tu pong sbb duk deluxe kalu duk single xyah bayo ape. gatal again. tengkiu exxonmobil

Oh yeah rite after we step foot in the house my mood was like mr. valentine, i even smile when sami happily pouring mango juice at the floor goes under the carpet. haha drama betoi la aku ni. AND after 2 days discharge from hospital, papi still cannot used his right foot (tokleh step kena pakai bracket dulu) last nite (which is isnin malam selasa) sami badan cam panas plak..haiyahh pls dont baby, mami baru aje nk tarik napas lega (mcm aku plak yg sakitnye)

and with workload kat office, papi kena jaga, bisnes kena teruskan (btw the station and cafe keep sms-ing me asking why i didnt make delivery aiyo aku dh ckp aku cuti la, dah tu tnya plak bile leh anto haihh) and NOW, rite now sami dh tido dgn badan yg panasnye.. adoiii. Nope bukan nk ngeluh cuma takmo papi and sami sakit. tak suka tak suka tak suka. susah hati ok

Baru bulan ketiga 2010 dh mcm2 gaya..err btw this month i over achieved my sale target includes this sat i received an order for 300paxs .. tu sabtu pagi aje tau. sabtu petang, ahad pagi ahad petang ha entry baru aku bukak kang kat packmelove. Alhamdulillah

big smile tapi berdebar2...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Last month just a week before Sami's 2nd besday we decided to throw him and his kakak - shasha a partey. it's a small partey with limited invitation (rumah tu 1400sf aje pon). so polka & jun has to sacrify kejap and lock inside the cage. we had a blast preparing the partey as sami excitedly cleaning the balkoni and helping mami preparing the decorations

we served pulut pelangi (will upload th epic later), nasi impit and both makan with chicken curry, sorry mami xreti masak rendang. i know how to cook and definitely knows that the taste err not so good haha. papi made bbq chicken wings, macaroni and kakak made mac & cheese

mak and bapak  came fashionably late but for the first time they spend nite here (tapi kesian sbb xsempat nk melayan sbb esoknye mami sebok attend SGM1 plak). we didnt order any cake as mami dont fancy cake and the 3d cake cost a fortune so mami ordered brownies from Fara (kakak kepada tokey jelly drinks) which tasted so damn good. ok i'm not a cake brownie muffin cupcake fan but her soft brownies mmg superb! (1st time makan brownies berulang kali cam taknak serve kat org plak haha) she should cut the brownies into big S and even we should serve with ice cream on top but sume xjadik (terlupa punye pasal) but we enjoyed creating the wording (which i need to pektis like thousand times haha). anyway she made the brownies as a besday present. tengkiu fara

and to add the excitement (sbrnye xmo layan bebudak) we order sand art from wadie (known her since 1990 kalu cite psl dia mmg xsudah2 la entry nih hehe), ok mothers u guys should try this. mmg xyah nk susah2 jaga anak except for iman as he quickly taste the sand hahahaha he's so cute and well behave. fiza cmne ko ajar iman?? anyway, raha, alis, myra, zuyyin, danish, jerry, iman came to the partey. i hope they enjoy the partey. and of course tengkiu for the gift. tengkiu also to nathan's family, sori didnt invite u earlier and tengku for the thomas train set. sami dpt 2 train set. papi makan hati haha

petang tu jugak all anak buah turun bawah mandi kat pool.. and sista plak dok sebok main sand art sampai dok berlawan2.. haha.

ok..ok tau cite main boo aje sana sini.. nnti kite main upload gambo and cite lagik ok..

to sami boy, mami papi lovessssss sami. hepi 2nd besday baby..

Friday, March 19, 2010

something to cheer

'busu busu.. uncle uncle.. tu big lorry tuu..' sami showed us the lorry

'hey.. nih mami and papi, not busu and unlce' need to explain to him everytime he heard Jerry called us busu and uncle..

sigh ... haha..

Friday, March 5, 2010

Woahhh lamanye xbuat entry. Banyak sgt nak cerita. Tapi masih lagik dlm stage membahagikan masa (juga nk layan tido sbb penat sgt). Kawan2.. jom join our Pack Me Love ~ Double Celebration Contest!

Next entry - coming..
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